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Fucks it lady on Valentine's Day, Leo Report. The tech Guy Sama Bowl seminar. Car guy coming up, Rod pile our space guy, our photo guy, Chris. Marc, We're all coming up today on the tech I show but really the most important part of the show is your calls will start with Mitzi away Mint before we wait. I almost I was foxy lady was for Kim. I forgot. You're just so raring to go. I was ready to jump in. Hi, Kim. Hi. How are you? Happy Valentine's almost stood you up on Valentine's. Yeah, Well, you know, that's part for the course. Apologize. Look, I made a little pink heart card for you. Oh, really? No. Didn't think so. Looking for it. I'm sure I have it here. So get some Kranz and make me wonder Crabs. Get the crowd creates the markers. I'm sorry. That's okay. Have a wonderful Oh, used to it. I don't mean to pile on or anything. So, um, you know what started on this day in Valentine's Day? 2005 16 years ago YouTube. Really? Yes, I have. I will play a little later on interview that Amber MacArthur I did for our show. Inside the net. Ah, year later they hadn't even been bought by Google, yet with one of the founders about how they started YouTube Play that My friend has a boyfriend who's been working from that for them since almost day one so nice he said, pretty Yeah. Did you see Lady Gaga Oz new husband. Is a Facebook high up employed boyfriend. Did they not get married? Yeah, I don't think so. No, not that I've heard. But you know, I'm kind of behind the times with that kind of I'm figuring that he's doing all right at Facebook because he gave her an eight carat diamond engagement ring. Okay, Well, I've heard there's been sightings of gaga and then the neighborhood because he lives you know here local guy does Good God God, God God to eight carats. That's big. Who should I start with today? Go to mimic Seo is really, really important to you. I got her hopes up and everything. Thank you. Kim Happy Valentine's Day. Valentine's Hi there, Mitzi. Hi. I'm on pins and needles. So I didn't Scotty, I'm so excited. Oh, good, so excited to talkto him. I am pinning my hopes on you. How, dear? On the talent, I You will forever be my valentine. If you consult this problem, no. Okay. A little. No pressure. Get a sinking feeling when I hear that, So here's the story. So we've got a absent perfection. 12 60 scanner. Yeah. Works great. It's a It's a good scanner. Yeah. Way. Get a new computer. It's a desktop with Windows 10. And it won't work and EPPS. So we called absence. Yeah, wouldn't get it to work. And an absence said Oh, no. Won't work with Windows 10. You're kidding. Ah, no, no. No Long work with Windows 10 That said apparently, absence decided, even though how long ago did you get that scanner? While the scan we've had for quite a while. I mean, at some point, they're going to give up on supporting it, but honestly, it had Windows eight drivers..

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