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Eight four four five hundred forty two forty two i'm reading now from the press release from the state police of internal state police audit of air a i r e that's down sounds stands for accident injury reduction f four air patrol shifts assigned to officers within troop and again that's the turnpike troop found evidence that ships assigned were not always worked in the troopers were still paid despite not having shown up for their shift that the findings of the internal audit were sufficient to merit further investigation so air air patrol ships so they were making up shifts out of thin air as i said ha ha ha ha and and they got caught in my understanding is that this was mainly people who are higher up in the ranks rather than the the rank and file people and so this is this is another scandal another scandal involving the state police in and what i found interesting was that not only was the the colonel they are today discussing this but the the secretary of public safety daniel bennett was also at the at the press conference this morning and daniel bennett i found amusing that he was there because he is accused in the in the lawsuit that's been brought by the two troopers who refused to broome the the case against the prostitute junkie daughter of the state judge bebo he is accused in the suit daniel bennett of engaging in multiple felonies in a in an overarching and far reaching conspiracy so i thought it was rather ironic that he would be showing up to to to make a statement in in this announcement of a major scandal when i would say he's he's at least you know i mean pe some people say he prob he was he wasn't involved in the scandal but he is publicly accused of taking part in this cover up an attempt to obstruct justice in in fixing the case of a judge judges daughter and the fact is this guy daniel bennett the executive secretary of public safety he was in the he was in the worcester county da's office at the same time judge bibo was there in the worcester county da's office and his top deputy jazz woman named jennifer queely she was also in the worcester county da's office and and i it's all it all runs back to what to worcester and one of the one of the crooked state troopers the.

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