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Let's not forget as much as we joke Alberta the Rio the former W._w.. Champion Aka those juniors nine and five as as professional may fighter yes his most notable moment was getting knocked out by Mirko in a fight. That was maybe a work. Maybe a worked shoot. I'm not quite sure but he was wearing cadore was incredible but can I just say I love this. I kind of love everything about it. I kind of it's it's perfect for Combat Day. It's so wacky Tito Ortiz mark signed with combat via an iphone video the threat him signing a contract on Campbell McLaren's back. I mean no fanfare has done like very little media. I've tried to talk to him since they won't talk for whatever reason and now his first fight against Alberto del Rio who's been the sort of figure head promoter guy for Combat Day <hes> in his early forties I mean the whole thing is so wacky. It actually fits for that promotion do agree. I mean it's not the worst thing they could do. I think if they're if they're trying to drum up interest and and let's face they said also I mean Alberto. Del Rio has a lot of I mean. What are we calling? What are we calling? You both are Alberto L.. <hes> patrolling Alberto Rodriguez. What are we calling him? I I really go with those kind of junior. Those Scars Union okay well. He obviously Ashley has a big following in Mexico and also in the Latin American community in the United States he was I mean he was really online at the highest levels of W._W._e.. For you know five or six years I mean so he he's pretty popular <hes> Tito Ortiz obviously to Ortiz. He's one of the most popular fighters in the history of of U._F._C.. I mean there. There are worse things you can do to drum up interest and I will be interested to see where that fight as up if they're going to do it a pay per view if it's going to be on one of the one of the channels that that combat they America's runs on. I know they do very good ratings. <hes> <hes> yeah it's <hes> it's GonNa be interesting..

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