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Tori about money and what it does to people what it means to people what it can and cannot do i really like this film and if you're a ridley scott fan you followed him through his films this one going to draw un it's it's not the ridley scott the remember this is not blade runner alien ridley scott this is more thelma and louise matchstick amendment lee scott you forget how great he can be with actors and everyone in this movie is just phenomenal michelle williams is so good in this movie i see a lot of oscar potential for this one and river also out today i think is film stars don't die in liverpool starring annette benning this is a historical peace yet another true story um she plays gloria graham uh people might remember her from the 40s screen siren at the time oscar winner this takes place later in her life when she falls in love with a much much younger man hey you next to guy makes you the girl next hey have you seen the movie saturday night fever uh yeah in actually ah so three times oh see like discodancing august like drunk stenson oh so if i make you a drink has come into my room and hustle with me and that betting and jamie belder yet jimmy bell plays peter turner in this is based on his memoir of this uh brief us somewhat tumultuous relationship he had with gloria graham you know he was a young actor himself at the time and she was this legendary screen star but again she was in the 40s and as you hear their that sets in the '70s great performance by annette benning that is really the reason to see this movie i wish i wish you could see what she looks like uh from that clip she looks amazing she's really very vulnerable and really great as this screen star whose you know entered this late period in their life and is found this odd romance with this younger man it's a really affecting story in the movie i think is really solid but really it's annette benning that you're going to see a bunch of new films out this week people are off during the holidays they flock to the movies refer this makes you the busiest guy in america help and everybody out.

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