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Night. Call a call in show for our DYSTOPIA in reality. Mighty Miss Emily Ashida and with me on the other line are Molly, Lambert and test Lynch also stay tuned because later in the show we have Meredith Whitaker, the research professor and Co founder of the A I now institute at Nyu She was also involved in the Google walkouts. She's awesome, so please stick around to hear her come by later. Hi, guys, but I? I'm back I'm back for my trek across the country. Thank you both for holding down the Fort while I- communed with the the highway after. The hereafter highway. Yeah, I did A. Six Day trip across the country and it wouldn't have been complete if I didn't stay at a ghost hotel my last night in Mobile Alabama, so I actually I mean I wish that I had a more colorful story to share with you because you guys are like calls from the hotel like like. Tell us what it's like. It was like it was. Nice. It was like a nice kind of very southern style old hotel. That was surprisingly affordable. Which is why I went? There was like there's got to be a scam like I'm not the benefit of a ghost. I was like what's the catch because it's so nice, it was like one of the cleanest places I stayed, which was a big concern over my trip, but I. also you know it's on the. It's on all these lists of haunted hotels in in the south, and since it's called the Malaga in its in Mobile Alabama I. You know I, booked it and then I went. I should have done this in the other. Order I it and then I went looking for ghost stories about it but there was one I sent. You guys that I just want to bring up again because it. It actually did kind of freak me out But This is on I wish I remember what this is on, but somebody said My sister and I stayed at the Malaga in in summer, Nineteen, ninety five they had a great dinner and spend their time out on the balcony, and during the evening, but in the middle of the night I was awakened by my sister, screaming bloody murder, because somewhat crawled into bed with her and even worse. She realized there was no one there the next day they asked the front friend dusk about it, and apparently the room they were in was the. The one with the activity which apparently room one. Oh, seven at this hotel, so I stayed in room one? Oh three! I was two doors down from there, but I wasn't historic room. There are parts of the hotel that were a part of the original structure, and then ones that came in later so I made sure to get one that was like in in the good and haunted zone There's other stuff that I read about it. That said like it was a there's creaking and activity, and apparently because it was used as a hideout for confederate soldiers. which was like it was mobile Alabama where why are the? Out But I guess I don't know what how that worked. As with all things in the south is incredibly haunted as with all things in America's incredibly hunted but But nothing really weird happened while I was there. They said it was pretty chill and just sort of Nice to be somewhere. That was like not a chain hotel. Who is just like pleasant? But a weird thing did happen when I there was like a portrait of like a southern bell on the wall next to my bed, and I was just like lying in bed, looking at my phone, and then I like aimlessly sort of put my phone up and tried to take a picture of it, and my phone would not take a picture of it at tried and tried and it did. Did this weird glitch. E thing that I've. My phone has never done before. Where like the image on? It seemed to slow down. It wasn't like It wasn't in sync with like how I was moving my phone around. It was sort of like there's a big delay and it was like in slow Mo and then I just turned it, and I pointed at another part of the room. And it took a picture just fine then. I went back to take a picture of the and it can take a picture the. So. I have a blurry dark photo that it tried to take, but it would not. Get a proper photo, so that's as weird as guy. That's pretty weird. It's pretty weird yeah. But I wanted to I wanted a real encounter I want I want to believe? But I guess next time whenever I make my trip back. Okay, I'll try to hit all the Hans. Portrait good enough. Yeah, I'll. I'll take it I'm speaking of haunted things and and the cousin of haunted things which he thinks it's been a while since we've had a moon minute. Minute I think it's time for a minute. Because baby witches were trying to heck's the moon. Baby which is for which talk, which is the witch? Of TIKTOK. Yeah everything comes from Tiktok now apparently. Is this just going to pivot to be a hundred percent tiktok podcasts because they're giving us lots of material recently, we're in tick pod. Yeah, take back in which. I just I also I was not online a lot but I. Just I did see a lot of stuff every time I go on twitter. People just being like what's up with the Moon. And I didn't know what people are talking about most of the time, but then and then I. I caught onto this thing that was going on with with the baby, which is where apparently it became a thing on Tiktok to heck's the Moon They first tried to Hex. The FE, which are like a like kind of ferries like. The fair folk Celtic specific fairy folk. Yes, yeah, and then and then they decided sued to try the moon. and. It's not clear to me. Why then for walls which just feels like for? The lulls feels like a very chaotic spirit to go into being a baby, which, but that's the nature of being a baby witch but people were getting really mad, and there was a rumor floating around twitter, which I have no idea if it's true or not that a twelve year old girl was was killed after trying to. Heck's the Moon Oh God. This feels very creepy pasta. But I. don't so I have no I I mean if that's true, it's horrible. I also don't know if the moon is responsible, but either way bad bad news, but but still like this kind of urban legends grew up around these moon heck's. That are growing on the reasons why you shouldn't. Heck's the moon or pretty straightforward I guess It's because any well anytime. You do evil magic. It's GonNa. Come back to you and come back to you times three. They say, but taxing the moon also angers the gods that rule the moon. Who are Apollo and Artemis I think Artemis rules the. The Moon Apollo rules to sign at Apollo is is twins with artists yachts right so the adds mad. If you do anything, insult, his sister, yeah, but also so now the baby which is were saying they were going to curse the sign, and if you mess with Apollo apparently Apollo rules, you know the arts and creativity but also healing and medicine. So, not a super smart thing to do if tiny..

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