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If Tae to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast talking to match stench comb that his playing days and twenty years ago man want to go back to talking about it may go because we we had a brief conversation during the break, and I want you to share those I was asked this trial and New York gift between college basketball and college football. And I I would like you to elaborate on that. Because their college football has its issues, but leased as of this hour things could change over the next five. Sure as we saw three years ago with Laremy Tunsil. It doesn't seem to be as much of a cesspool as as basketball. Why I think there is a point of distinction in that when you look at this what's transpiring unraveling in college basketball. Is the corporate involvement? And I just don't know where the entry point is the point of value would be corporately speaking for corporate brand to pursue high school football player. I don't think it's a function on football has higher mores. I don't think that basketball's irretrievable in that regard. Although there's a lot of work to be done by do think that the I think the most distinct element is not enthusiasm. It's not I think the opportunity for transgression or impropriety. I think it's that there is not really a reason for a brand a corporate entity to wonder. Because I I mean, his contracts are going to be emits. Yeah. Where I'm trying to think in in recent memory, a college football player that would I mean, there've been valuable college football player, no doubt. And ultimately, they will become valuable Cam Newton does a lot of endorsements others others have done. So but not there's not a standalone they didn't come out of high school. Like that though. I think that's the biggest point of distinction is that the awareness of the individual in basketball, and it's a function of the sports. They don't have a cage in front of their race. It's less of a collective, you know, there's five players on the court. You can run clear out plays and one guy can dominate a game. You can't do that in football. I think all those things adds to. I think what we're seeing unfortunately happening. And thankfully, I think that it's being unearthed in basketball. It's unfortunate, no doubt. But the hope will always be that what will come of all this is not necessarily a cleansing. But some level of progression towards a model that works that will eliminate the steering of kids to certain schools just for the the embellishment of their personal brand for somebody to sell. She there's almost a model that does work and just let them go straight to the NBA. They could do that. Well, and I and I will say this. They don't have to play college basketball, right? Go play in Europe. Go play in China for your to. I don't. But you do not have to play college basketball. There's nothing in the arrangement with the NBA that requires them to do that. However, I will say this you go play in Europe and China, and your brand is going to take a hit versus playing at a Kansas at a Kentucky at a Duke or wherever and I'm not implicating any of those programs. Those are the blue blood basketball programs. And of course, there's a lot of cameras in eyeballs on them helps that brand a lot of cameras in eyeballs on the draft tonight..

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