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What it would look over getting it would not look like the brand it would look like a blowed it'd be like seeing kevin love play that he would be the most popular player in the nba you know why we know why you'd probably be a celtic can you think about that i you've you've heard people have those conversations about what you rather side fight a you know bear sized porcupine or or question on the would you lebron sides gorn drug or gorn size the broad greg cassian that golden thank you for i was gonna get in those weeds thank you mike because i was going to get lost somewhere in those weeds guess guess what are those questions would you rather fight a bear size porcupine or a porcupine size bear or ten porcupine size bears all those what would you rather question i'm taking the lebron size goren so am i what are we doing that i don't like what we're doing what we're doing there though of course because like lebron goren size is westbrook and goren lebron size just learn a little bit he's the bron i guess this is not i'll tell you what we're doing there it's a funny thing to do it's a fascinating thing to do find it interesting going drug it's you're so damn adorable this is how i got into this entire mess posse that's what i'm doing that's right there is what i'm doing going to nice.

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