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Jennifer and bill they purchased a home in nineteen eighty seven this was a corner lot on sorghum mill drive in cheshire connecticut this is a quiet street in a quiet neighborhood you know the type of st that not many travel down unless you live there unless you were visiting somebody that live there you would not drive down sorghum mill drive now this is a pretty ritzy area yes this would be an upper class town in upper class neighborhood their daughter haley was born just about two years later in 1989 their second honor michaela was born in 1995 now sometime during this time period jennifer pet it was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis haley the older of the two daughters she was an active fund raiser for ms and michaela she loved the cook it was no secret that she loves to cook the grandparents she cooked within four the grandparents she cooked within four her parents now basketball remained in bills life and became a part of his family's life a bill held to season tickets to both the women's and men's university of connecticut basketball teams and he often took his daughters to the games now in two thousand in seven haley the oldest daughter she graduated from miss porter school and she was scheduled to attend dartmouth college mikhailov attended chased collegiate school right so this is a little bit of the background that this family beautiful families smart individuals uh upperclass neighborhood a doctor nurse.

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