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Has gone on fridays candies heroes fund that was i'm going to start with ron's royal wedding update oh many questions last time prince harry will marry american actress meghan markle tomorrow it is four am seattle time i'm not getting up for that i texted my friend who's very much into the royal family and you go oh i'm with a new guy right now so i might not convince him to get up at four am my crazy for a little bit but i the bride meghan markle just arrived at the house hotel with her mother not her father because she announced this morning prince charles will walk her down the aisle yeah after her dad had a heart attack earlier this month had a few runs run ins with the proper i think they just want to keep him out well her half brothers and sisters who are not invited to the wedding have now shown up and so they're around but who really cares about this royal wedding tomorrow anyway it's certainly not the bbc reporter they sent to cover it this is my favorite new guy his name is simon mccoy and he hates this assignment of covering the royal wedding just listen to a few of his clips from today so we have the royal cobber going at some speed but yes it was indeed harry and meghan i was on a short time ago and i didn't think i'd be talking to you i described yours fruitcakes i apologize now but i do sort of wonder gene why but what have you done having fun is one thing but then designing making crowns quite another another he's very dry about the whole thing and there's thousands of people that have now shown up to just on the parade route if you will of this wedding harry and meghan lookalikes are making.

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