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One day change the way corn is grown and monitored a team of scientists and engineers at university of Nebraska Lincoln have built an automated system capable of detecting an individual corn leaf and grasping it with robotic precision to screen its temperature chlorophyll and water content in the less than following the recent death of a popular British youtuber concerns over the safety of electric scooters are being raised now that they've been zipping around dozens of cities in the US and Europe thanks to new scooter sharing programs anally Hartridge who presented the online series ten reasons why was killed in the collision with a truck at a busy intersection on Friday police didn't name her but hard to reach his death was confirmed by you tube and her boyfriend a spokesman for the Royal Society for the prevention of accidents as it was Britain's first death involving an E. scooter it is illegal in the UK to ride motorized scooters on roads or sidewalks but the law has been widely ignored London police said Monday that a teenager is now in critical condition after a separate the scooter accident an alarm is being sounded by a leading advocacy group A. P.'s at Charles de Ledesma reports it says it's worried only twenty seven percent of funds for twenty nineteen have been provided so far the Norwegian refugee council says the with only hall of of twenty nineteen gone humanitarian organizations who receive just twenty seven percent of the money needed to provide relief to people affected by crises worldwide this year its general secretary John Eklund says the card lack of funding is alarming he adds a total of twenty six billion dollars is required this year to provide relief for around ninety four million people in the house of the donor countries have contributed only seven billion so far the NRC singled out the crises in Cameroon on Congo as examples of regions in the heat I'm Charles so that's my the president responds I met Donahue with an AP news minute president trump is responding to is weekend tweets when he said for democratic Congress women of color should go back to the broken and crime infested countries they came from they hate our country they hate it I think with a passion now it's possible I'm wrong the voters will decide the president at the White House today if you hate the country you can leave that's what I said in a tweet which I guess some people think is controversial a lot of people love it by the way lot of people love it Democrats can down the president's tweets as racist and divisive Olympic gold medal winner and former professional boxer per now Whitaker has died after being hit by a car in Virginia he was fifty five scientists say they're closing in on a long sought goal a blood test to screen people for possible signs of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia researchers say one blood tests seems eighty eight percent accurate accounts like that could be used at routine doctor visits were most dementia symptoms are evaluated I'm AT Donahue AP digital news back in a moment.

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