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Are you? Okay I'm fine I'm pretty. Far, from okay Are you okay with. This Are you okay with this actor Adam driver plays Kylo Ren and. The new Star Wars movies he's also in the new Spike Lee. Joint black klansman I'll have we. Still call it a joint. This. Is Mike Lee. Joint sure. He grew, up we did you know he. Grew up in mishawaka Indiana I knew he, went, to college at you Wendy but I didn't know. Where he grew up at he recently, was asked about racial, issues, told the, USA today quote if anything I was more aware of it as a kid growing up in Indiana because there were always, Klan rallies like every summer there were people in the clan. Who were in our neighborhood are? You okay with Adam, driver pretty much say yeah clan plan rallies having all the time in my neighborhood every. Weekend up in measure Walker so? How old is Adam driver probably he graduated. In two thousand and one and So he would have? Grown up in Michelle walk in the nineties okay Early two thousands so we're not talking like the. Forties of Michele walk we're. Not talking about the fifties and Michele Walker we're talking about the ninety s I still find it hard to. Believe, that every other weekend that. Are. Klan, rallies taking place the nineties Nah I, don't know about that, now look I didn't grow up in Michelle Walker maybe that's the case. But. I didn't think those things. Happened on, the regular in the nineties certainly I'm sure there, was racism, of course the reading this article in the Indy star hammer and they they. Talk to the, director, of education at the history museum, in. South bend and he said quote I'm not, calling him a liar. Anything You didn't hear the but. Coming But I mean, if they're active. As they said, they were active but I mean if they, were as active, as he said they were active they'd have been, in? The paper every other week right so that's what, the historian. Is saying about Adam drivers comments now we didn't, have social media. In the, nineties, certainly a newspaper, so yeah newspapers you had. CNN you had cable news networks there were a lot of places that would cover Klan rallies taking place on regular and if you're a high school kid or. Somebody that, lives in the neighborhood oh. Yeah it happens all the time somebody would have rather than that to, somebody and there've been more media some hyperbole with. That Adam driver comment who knows but. He he had an interesting he I don't know this is true or not I read that he co-founded a fight club. In his high school an? Underground fight club he was kind of a misfit back in the day he he wasn't the popular. Kid he wasn't, like the athlete he started a fight club and. He was a marine he went to the marines for two, years that's right, he had ended up getting a medical discharge after, two? Years but Adam driver is yeah marine so he, signed up. For the Marine Corps belief after nine eleven and, served two years. But I, gotta, be honest I, don't know if I buy. Klan rallies full on rallies not just racism full on rallies every other weekend in Michele Walker hammer are you okay with this the eagles greatest hits album has. Passed Michael, Jackson's thriller to become history's. Best selling album of all time are you okay with this I am, not okay with this because I think there needs. To be an Asterix there does. It No greatest hits albums should be separate you see what I'm saying, Louis. So you sit an asterisk? Next to the the the eagles getting the number one bestselling album ever a greatest hits album yes because. All of these songs were? Hits in their own right before they were put on this album thriller itself was its. Own album If you're gonna make it number one I think there? Has, to be an Asterix there because I gotta be honest and it's no secret here my thoughts on the eagles are similar to that Come on I had a rough night Ego man Guy love the, eagles man Yeah I didn't have. To buy all the others I. Just got, it over with I mean all the William, were? Hits, in. Their own right yeah I. See what you're saying I, don't? Know that I can completely argue with I mean? It. Is an album though I mean it's the best selling album so you're saying, it's, like what, what were you comparing to earlier like the. Cleveland right if you. Had a pickup basketball game, out in the street, and you said okay over here we've got what's left of the? Cleveland Cavaliers that's an NBA team and on the. Other side the Western Conference all-stars which one do you. Think, is going to have more success here what's. Left of the Cavs or the. Western Conference, all star comparing to the Cavs to Michael, Jackson's? Thriller My only problem with that, analogy right there you, may have a point there you're right I'm team thriller in this? One it was its own album track for track greatest hits now I'm not buying it no fake news Okay. Coming up next hammer some booze. News including. A naked eighty year old woman. Oh fantastic 'cause I was just thinking it's Monday and. We haven't talked about a. Naked granny yet Another piece of booze news which is really interesting a beer saved a guy's life gear saved a suicidal man's life. We've got the audio and. Story coming up next on the hammer Nigel show Ninety-three WABC tomorrow on Tony cats look at Chicago violence and those who want Rahm. Emanuel to step down Democrats are supporting Keith Ellison even though he's being accused of domestic abuse six to nine and eleven to one you can.

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