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There. We flew them out we paid for their hotels. We paid for their. That's nuts. It was nuts. And it was very scary to go. And that's not. I mean, you would know better than me. But I am I feel like that's very atypical that have promotion would decide. Okay. We're going to run in Alaska, and then fly their regulars up and post them up in hotels like that doesn't happen, right? It doesn't have even for me. Now, I love being out there in the scene. I realized I gotta get myself to a lot of places because it not that promoters are cheap. They're not. It's just there's no money from it. The cost is crazy. But I would also imagine that your guys number one that bills like crazy. It's gotta build insane. Loyalty to the brand of wrestle pro from the guys as if they didn't have a before they're like, oh because you know, it's it's about from what what's happening at the top. Because that's what really rolls down. And the fact I think. I would imagine if I'm a local wrestle pro regular, and I don't really have these opportunities and Mike influence Alaska anywhere by anyone. But I'm like, you know, what I'm I'm down for Russell pro. And then I find out that you are not only booking Alaska. But you're like I want the rest of pro regulars there so much. So that I'm flying you guys. And I'm putting you up in hotels, and I'm doing this to me that makes me go. I'm gonna bust my ass for wrestle pro. This guy believes in this much. He's treating me like a star. All of a sudden. Yeah, I'm gonna go out there. And I'm gonna be a star for him right to be honest thought of it that way. But I I guess that is true. I would hope so anyway, I just looked at it. Like, I looked at these guys that they deliver on my shows, and they just haven't had the platform to really have light shine upon when the light shine upon them. They'll they'll accelerate they'll rise. But I knew that it was just important to have our brand of guys up there. Because if this does become a regular thing, which we are gonna run Alaska again is that? They have to be familiar with our talent they can't walk in and just expect will what what's going to be the hodgepodge of whatever I bring up there. Let's see these guys that we saw really kick butt last time, and and get them over and long-term for wrestle Brel even on a local level. It's one thing to say. Oh, Pat, the guy who promotes these shows also promoted a show in Alaska. It's another thing to say, no this brand that we watch enrolling New Jersey. Those the brand that guys the everything took that show to Alaska it makes it feel like a promotion. Yeah. No, exactly. It's exactly it. And it was it was scary. But you know, I'm pretty open with things we had a seven thousand seat arena. I knew we weren't gonna fill it ticket sales were, and we we had thirteen hundred people there, so you know, for the highest tentative and Iran was like sixteen hundred. So that's the thing is there is at thirteen hundred people in Alaska when you compare costs and all these different things to New York..

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