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To get the pay coward onto us through that so let's see if we can do that and also mike can we get tim carson back on because in the world win that was jim brock meyer making an appearance and tim kirk and being on here i forgot to ask him pop culture questions that i want to ask him based on that sound that you played earlier in the show that i want people to hear because i do believe the tim kirch and jim brock myers baseball ages i really do believe that they've got a chance to do something in that booth sunday one pm during a telecast of a baseball game that lures people who care about funny who don't care about baseball who like they've got a real chance at one o'clock on espn jim brock meyer this boozy drug addicted character that hankins area plays i think they've got a real chance to do something special there in a sport that needs something special but i wanna talk to tim kirch about how little he knows about pop culture thought leonard skinner was a guy thought his name was land i didn't know it was banned i thought jan through tall guy was that of a pan and this is really bad for a very short time in my life a short time i wasn't sure if kanye west with a man or woman that's how bad i am so if we can get tim coaching back on i would enjoy doing that playing pop culture quiz with tim kirch and we've done this with mark stein there are some real special great baseball and basketball nerds were so consumed with being great at knowing baseball and basketball right they ignore the entire rest of life like i feel like whoa hasn't seen a movie or watch tv show decade i i feel like the same thing with john clayton like he'd just been free john clayton has just been liberated he wasn't even mad at he has like thank you i could go concentrate on other things i don't have to worry about the seahawks linebackers anymore good news we have tim coaching on the line and we can go to him after dan gives us his favor oh.

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