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While. But. I need to learn some some on. So enclosing Ricardo. Why do you work? Why why do you work? Man. Never. Thought. About. Let me see. Well. I won't because. Not. Necessarily in this order, right? Yeah Union money. Obviously. Right. You money and I feel like. You need to do something useful into life. Does that make sense? Absolutely. You need to do something. You can stay home the whole day Watching TV. At least for me now being productive. Doing this now and I. Hate it. And I was always also complaining that I had no time off. I have all the time on. Here you go. Sometimes I will go for over a month without a day off because you know I was on storm six days a week and I had mondays off but then Monday. Or we need it. We need to record songs for a client. I need to make something so I would end up working Monday. You know and they'll happened several Monday's so. Over month without a day off. Banal damning. Over four, months. And honestly probably the theater won't opening in this year I don't know. Who knows Lens helping you work because of the money you work because you think it's good to be productive. And I and I feel like you need you need you need somehow contribute to the society that live in. Maybe. Maybe where I work. Is. Is kind of you know really Super Fisher to some people. In all like. But you in early contributing if you're working on an Assira, people don't need to show people need you know you know what I mean? It's not. Non. Essential. I know exactly what you mean I. There are lots of people that have different ways of looking at the world. And and There's we can't change those, but music is essential. Essential to life. Honestly New Music Music changed my whole life. If I didn't like music probably wouldn't start playing any instruments because I. Don't have anything that I wanted to play. In all but all I wanted to do was was blaming talk Azzam's. And that's That's what I did. This is where it's brought you. New York with the studio. Yeah. For. Stuff. Right that's pretty good Ricardo..

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