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Is A was a really informed horse that is going to have to come off a little bit of a break, and you wonder if maybe something about the winter or aqueduct woke him a little bit because I mean actually was in for twelve five at the base going Saratoga last year, so I thought it was a fun race in one I'd rather take a price and just look for a little bit value. I did I'm glad I asked because it It looked like a like a spot that you wanted to. Be Aggressive Let's turn toward the later action and the. Pick five actually starts with a thirty two thousand dollars, claimer and Then we get the the late pick for and the start of the cross country pick five with that seventh race might as well start their neck You can do the late pick four and will fold in pick across country. Pick five thoughts. A mile on the grass, phillies, mayors, three and ups and There's enough first time. Starters that including Chad Brown. That is obviously gonNA take money, not the favorite That's a Christoph Oklahoma on the outside How do we start this off? It's going to be really interesting to see who ends up being favored. And I know on. Cold Komatsu sexy was made favourite by Dave Aragona and could end up being the favourite, but it really feels like cost benefits going to take a lot of money in here that this is another another European. Bread Horse that was purchased a tattersalls, and that, of course, the sale that's brought us, newspaper of record and digital age, and the Marshall EA and domestic spending was tremendously impressive winner on Sunday and this looks like a horse that that seems pretty well man. I I'm out. He's been working steadily. She's been working steadily going all the way back to the early part of the spring, a probably probably a chance that thinks of accelerated. This might have been a acumen. Acumen Torso maybe an early early in the Belmont, meet horse, but either way she looks. She looks like one that we've seen before, and it's usually pretty darn good, so I think cost benefits are not absolute must use clearly to sexy is a horse that can win should have very good trip last time, a Gulfstream and the quality of the competition. She faced that day relative to what she's facing. Here is a little unknown and I think it's a little bit too much of a leap to take a horse like this at five to two or three to one and assume that they're gonNA. She's GonNa end up performing at the same level against a horse. That could have potential cost benefit or or even the The shook shook. He trained windfall profit who I thought improved. We actually talked that day about the Tampa Racist 'cause. There was a pick five carryover. And I liked windfall profit, coming back off the delay off, and then Willie Martinez embiid. Maiden ambitious, move going down the backstretch and moved aggressively to sort of contests, the pace and ended up missing by knows, and it was one of those situations where you could be a little frustrated that he moved soon, but really all he did what he had to do. In terms of getting her into a competitive position, so I I would be willing to use her coming back. She's GonNa. have to improve no doubt about it, but I think it's a it's a race primarily. That looks like it's among. Among the three, five, eight, and ten and I say the eight for Jimmy Toner another empire maker, this one out of a three time this one out of a winless damn, but she dropped a one steak winner. That Empire Lady is a half to so There's some pedigree there, and this is a bar. And that was quiet all winter, but hawkish is performance on Sunday and then one other efforts to young meat I think shows that the things are going to start to turn around quickly. Eighth Race. Which? Is Part of the cross country, and.

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