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You're had talking of a product's we've got a contest going on as well it's a joke tag contest raj this is for the two thousand eighteen world cup jersey we're designing with our friends at adidas revolted received some amazing entries please send all of your submissions to many places gmailcom obvious social using m ib joke tag all details or a men in blazes dot com okay raj regatta packed show we marvel at the geoghegan pressing propaganda pamphlet that was liverpool's four three win over undefeated in thirty league games matches the city you break down lord manchester united's threenil battering of premier league serfs stoke city and we worry for everton fans let you roads woken up off to the honeymoon period and route was their honeymoon period and realize they're married two big savisaar is very bad sex both very odd sect worried theor woke cuts coming killing plus landon donovan roads and jonathan gonzalez boat choose mack sokoto okay to the football ridge i'm going to raise this bayer uh until at least two sunday a day the began with boom with a liverpool and ended with the jags and the vikings it was a remarkable to witness an i'll say as a lifelong evertonian a derived so much carriers pleasure probably the only pleasure i might she gonna have from watching minnesota vikings funds new strangest to pain and suffering savor that moment of wonder and glory pachulia of both league is that they transport view as so completely away from the disaster that is the real world and now of course that arsenal loving saint funds might troop ledee breeze to football yes route also briefly it was an amazing sunday and you didn't even witnessed by nine i'm downhill tight draw into five feet and i made the birdie putt on the seventeen th shuttle grant another people still talk.

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