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By. Buddy Jeff Jeff is a great guy, says yes a lot and has pretty good. Camera equipment so, of yesterday it was a fundraiser for the Archie Griffin scholarship fund at. The lakes my buddy Jeff is out there. Taking pictures he said much come on right around with me so I did and. What fun I mean when you're in that kind of environment and people are having a. Great time, I mean it's a beautiful day to, the lakes golf course is fantastic facility So just riding around and you know each group will have a celebrity. With enemy, these are legit I mean I got to talk to Archie who stuck one. On a, par four they made the birdie which, is really cool coach Brown Golf coach overdose take for many many many years just made the nicest ten footer. For birdie, just, just boom, right in the hole, nothing but net talk to Jerry. Lucas what a nice man and so tall his driver might be the longest golf. Club I've, ever seen in my life and it just made for him I mean he's you know he's got the region the height and all that stuff where in a bucket hat and. Getting it, done and it just goes, from there I, mean I wish Bill. Conley who, we talked to. During football season bills on the great recruiters of all time at Ohio State, part of the culture paying forward all that good stuff Bill I I knew Bill played golf, but my, gosh, Guinea Gulf that. Ball so anyway thanks to Jeff God bless. Archie Griffin and all the good, things, he does here. In town and it was so fun, just to be out there and be a. Part of that. Yesterday so, well well done everybody involved Alex Castellanos is on the line right now. Alex with ABC news in DC Alex I'm. Always intrigued By. Politicians that get upset about what Donald. Trump does I mean you know we wanted to drain the swamp he's not a politician he certainly didn't look. Like one, yesterday, did he, he didn't look like, a politician but he also didn't. Look like a strong American president and which is unusual for Trump because he's all. About projecting, strength and confidence and making America look strong in an uncertain world and yesterday he looked like he was knuckling under to Putin Rogan a bully on the world stage and that's. Undermines the, very core of Trump's support, you know Ronald, Reagan won the Cold. War yesterday, it looked like. Donald Trump was surrendering in the Cold War so he can he just not, back down on Russian meddling because he's been so staunch saying there just was no collusion there, was. No, meddling, so if he. Says you know hey Putin you'd better back. Down not meddle anymore is that, like. You know doublespeak For him I think that's part of it I think he sees it, everything of course, through the prism of his. Own success and its technology there was Russian interference in our elections is undermining the. Legitimacy of, his election, so that's part of it but. The other part is. We've seen this Donald Trump for thirty. Years this? Is Donald Trump is Pat Buchanan, the isolation the Donald Trump who believes America doesn't need to be out there in the world projecting democracy and and and being the world's policeman this is Donald Trump America first let's. Take care of our things at home and let the rest of the world the hell with it, let them take care of themselves he doesn't see. Putin as, a threat he doesn't see Russia the. Way Reagan did but that's the core of the Republican party this is going. To hurt Trump and Republicans in two thousand eighteen and when you look at, that then do you think. Maybe his advisers are. Going to just totally, refine his, foreign policy which is like let's, stay in the. Country let's not, worry about, meeting Foreign leaders on foreign soil I think his advisors not going to have much choice if they're, going to remain his advisors but. That's not what they believe that's. Not what John Bolton believes that's not what the John Kelly. Believes his chief of staff, but yesterday, that their president you know they want, project shrink with. Their president looked like Putin students train seal their when Putin handed him that, soccer ball Trump did everything but..

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