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No Eh talk nostalgically like that. You use your experience teaches things but you don't. I've never heard you talk like that. Yeah it is really A.. It's an amazing amazing time and I think what happens is you don't always appreciate those moments. It's in those moments right. But in retrospect this Special Patterson coach. Thanks appreciate that all we built me. reliving are Super Bowl champion guests. I Super Bowl rings Margai Greg Jennings you one year ring which you're wearing right now with the packers side Super Bowl forty five. Tell us what it was like. We realize that you were work. Truly truly a champion. You know what it was really numbing. It was one of those experiences where you're looking at the clock. And you're just wanting hit those triple because you never know what can happen in in these types of games. Obviously we jumped out to a great lead. Twenty one nothing. I think the steelers come back James Harrison. You didn't have this wing places but it was one of those things where it's it's almost surreal. You WanNa be the champion. I remember the clocks hitting triple zero and I'm thinking to myself okay. Don't cry don't show. False emotions is let whatever you're feeling being emotionally just happened and it was. I just wanted to be by my family I wanted to be. I want my kids to experience my teammates. I just wanted to embrace everyone. Just take it all in. It was an unbelievable experience. These guys they have outstanding opportunity in front of them. Take advantage of it and enjoy it embraces. Thank you for listening to the first things first. PODCAST remember leave us a review. And tell us what you think. Subscribe to the podcast on apple podcasts and catches out just on Monday through Friday. Six Thirty A._M. Easter..

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