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Center ice cold dove. Like you sliding into home plate. I know it's three baseball references tonight. But it's the best way to describe it reached out with his stick and poked it away from Brandon Saad who wanted his tenth goal of the season. But we don't always get what we want. For example, Allenbach engineer would rather be anywhere else right now. Then right next to me. Bill. Basov one by Chicago. They have it inside the app zone. Four fifty to go in our second period. Retired at one. Gustafson Bank in his own Ed or check on coming from Wilson Chicago trying to get out of their own zone. Now, they get it to center, it's Dylan stroke return passer. Patrick Kane back can trace. Hey me by group our rebound to the park corner. Sam Dr trying to get it free Strom is there to harass him. Puck comes loose off the wall. Now finally chipped out the center by Alexander Kirkwood ill hold things up and spin away from danger hands it back now. Gerard return pass for foot dispossessed by Patrick Kane to Colin Wilson takes away. The American dollars. San Gerard return pass near site Wilson, stick handling through a couple of skates leaves at Burlington backhanded deep behind the Chicago netminder real pork, used Aires ramped. Up on Gustafson pockets loose Duncan Keith Aaron he'll get it. Producer sin, Galata skates. Taken away by spent Andhra ghetto enticing jobs will take over as to wait for April fourth to get out of the zone. The tag up the dump down deepen turned over possession. Who's to take over far corner in his own end three forty three to go in the second off somebody on the bench. I believe so that means we'll stop play the faceoff should be in the neutral zone. Unbelievable will be. Whilst we venture celebrate New Year's Eve with the Colorado Avalanche..

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