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Thirty minutes from Sal, you gotta find thirty minutes out of your schedule to educate us about football the way that you can I don't have another. Donovan McNab said he's been jumped on that. And listen I understand that the eagles or his teammates swarmed teammates or something known as you'll be upset. But I mean, well, he said was not wrong. What he said was not wrong. What they said about him was wrong. Five NFC championship games a Super Bowl appearance. The number two overall pick. I mean, you got to be kidding me. He had every right to say what he said. And I had no issue with it before I let you get on outta here. Our former colleague here, here's and Jon Gruden. I mean, you look at the Oakland Raiders in the picks that they have available to them. Some would say they're under the most pressure more. So than anybody else in the NFL to get this draft. Right. Because of what the move they made last year in accumulating these picks by moving Khalil, Mack and Amari Cooper. What are you say about that real quickly? I think it's gonna be difficult. Their their roster is totally depleted their defense really needs a lot of help. I don't know what they're gonna do. They got a lot of draft picks I received Jon Gruden I respect Mayock. But that's that's that division is not getting any easier. That's gonna be a tough row for the Oakland Raiders Sal paolantonio covering the New York Giants tonight for the NFL draft. You know, AVI, watching you buddy, all with the pressure education. My man, thank you for having me and S before I came on like five people came in the parking lot here at giant stadium said we heard you're going on Stephen as so everybody ends building. Well, I appreciate man. Thank you so much. We'll talk soon the great Sal paolantonio right here with Steven A ESPN radio..

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