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Also got one run for fifteen and suits i've styles the fifty one yard her from a hamas new on the wildcats and twenty five yard or from matt ryan who is seven twenty four to watch your five yards and a touchdown the one piece of bad news to the foul could not only as quarterback ryan pool been downplayed its how with the facts that desmond soon sites of this just help us a helmet from this oh player kyando neil he is gone so the locker room we have not heard any word on what's going on which kim we'll be update you on the status when we know which new all the falcons scored on five of their six to session in the years at pundits three times in between there to steel holes once again falcons pouring it on twenty seven to six over the box cheneau four left here in the third quarter what's the difference sahken since that opening drive when they really allow the bucket here's the move the ball and has been really nothing since i think they're getting a better pass rush i also think that uh they're just wearing better i think the line is concentrating more for this will come out a little flat in games remember the last home game talking chad allen the cowboys drove right there on the deck prescott they didn't just get a feel well touchdown got down then they didn't get any toilets for the rest of the game so this is kind of the car the course for the falcons two games in a row when they surrender points on the opening tried didn't look like a fantastic he puts a team the rest of the way swiss thanks for being.

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