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Um i do now when you asked the question uh but i re i i think i related to that dynamic and totally understood um and that was the sort of relationship that i have with my dad i was very fortunate in that way but and that's why i find that so evolutionary that here was a comedy that not only didn't feel like it had to do three jokes a page it didn't have to do jokes at home you so let's look at the mini series uh what is the mini series important in terms of the evolution of television well it's sort of what happened to the golden age of television drama in terms of live drama and the idea of tv as telling stories that are like novels with beginnings mittal's and ends the mini series in as opposed to like here's an episode right here out here i guess another another at hombo another mannix this was a whole different thing and it it got really big in the '70s and '80s and then died off and now it's back i mean the whole idea of there are now called anthology series and they switch around every single week so it's kind of like the golden age tv drama were invalid g series where you had a different episode every week completely different cast writer subject and then now you have many series which go you know ten episodes thirteen episodes and whether it's american horror story or fargo or you know the people versus o j simpson these are selfcontained stories and you get better cast that way you get real glider get better cast that love because the actors aren't going to commit to s seven years but they'll commit to thirteen weeks you know it's just like making three or four movies all on a chonkin not much more than a regular movie schedule and i think television has really become.

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