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Well, Kitty, we're gonna Quote Mark Twain again, who said the fight continues as long as water is allocated by politics, and that takes us to the tension between Central Valley farmers and Governor Gavin Newsom. Farmers They're still hot over being left out of nuisance drought state of emergency. Earlier this month, state Senator Andreas Paraded board GIs stood with farmers and local lawmakers this morning on a range near Clovis. The governor has the authority he can tailor it to the needs of the time and our particular need. Artie Exchange of water and other remedies that are relevant and important. The Valley is a complicated mix of state and federal water. The feds have already cut off water supplies and the state reduced allocations to 5%. Those in agriculture warned that farmers are going to plow over Orly field's empty of water restrictions are lifted. It makes absolutely no sense for us to be in the zenith of devastation before a declaration of emergency is issued. When we have been through this process before, and we know how catastrophic it can be. From there, It's simple supply and demand less produce means higher prices. In case you didn't know California agriculture is a $50 billion a year industry Kitty, Fresno King's Madeira and to Larry County issued their own emergency declarations, largely a symbolic gesture designed to put pressure on the guy with the power. And of course, that's Gavin Newsom. Alright, so John, why wouldn't the governor expand his state of emergency to include those valley farmers you'll find this is no surprise. It's timing and a lot of politics declare a state of emergency too soon. I'm told People forget about water conservation By midsummer. There was some feeling the governor was waiting for the final snow survey was that which was actually canceled today. And, of course, Governor Newsome is probably a little bit preoccupied with voters because of that recall thing. Well, can farmers make it through this, John? What? What are their options? Well, you know, there's a lot of posturing and politics. Farmers are very good at crying. Poor me think the squeaky wheel gets the water. Relaxing water restrictions would help. But that's probably going to be tapping into underground water aquifers. And you can bet that environmentalists have not yet forgiven the state for how the last drought wrecked those aqua firs. So what is the water supply really look like? You know what it really depends on where you are in Marin County, where the water is local, and there's no pipeline tomb or you've got water restrictions already. With Sonoma and Mendocino County's same thing, both isolated. One local water district official told me that cities around the state do have enough water to get through the year. Another year without rain, though. And you've got big problems. Okay. Okay. If the case John Lowe Bertini there live. Thank you by 50 at kfbk time for some traffic and weather together heading over to the traffic center for Dana has and brought to buy cattle trains, reminding you to be work zone alert and on our roadways. Kidding at downtown Split is about 15 minute, right? It is still pretty heavy is you can tell by that time. Look, I am seeing a little improvement, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. And on outs. Roseville is gonna be about nine minutes on eastbound 80. Well, if you're westbound, it's slow it Douglass Boulevard by the way, Otherwise downtown L group South on I five is starting to clear up. It's about it. It's a 12 minute trip down there 14 minutes on 99 again. That's also started to clear up. Going to Woodland 20 minutes. I'm sorry, Sports. Um we'll go there. First Eastbound 50 is about 20 minutes downtown of Woodland 16 minutes north and I find nothing to worry about and out today and I said nine minute ride to westbound 80 and Mace Boulevard eastbound still hammered from 1 13 to just past Mace Boulevard and hey, drivers, as we spend this month, remembering the Caltrans workers we've lost on our highways. Like to remind you to always slow down and pay extra attention in attended and unattended highway work zones. The works on alert. Now they're traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the cap trust traffic center. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Thanks, Dana. Now we checked the KPK weekend forecast tonight We'll see. Partly cloudy skies expected nighttime low of 51 to 55 mostly sunny skies for Saturday. Saturday will reach a high 82 to 86 Sunday. Breezy and very warm of plenty of sunshine will see a high Sunday of 85 to 89 I'm AccuWeather's Drew Shannon News. 93.1 kfbk Carmichael 82 degrees out Grove 81 in 82 in El Dorado Hills. Kitty O'Neil Here with your KPK afternoon news. Hope you're having a good Friday. It's time here from Kelly Brothers capture us with our business and money.

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