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Les AP digital news back in a moment. heads up the denim lovers old navy's biggest denim sale ever is here all jeans are on sale up to sixty percent off style started just twelve Bucks for adults eight Bucks for kids plus this Saturday and Sunday only don't miss the Gina day giveaway what a free pair of old navy's all new jeans stop in for your chance to win and for up to sixty percent off all jeans now at Old Navy dell at nine sixteen thirty nine twenty four excludes in store clearance five per day per store select styles Jeanne giveaway in stores only see stars for details in the U. S. has increased but will it last AP correspondent my camp and reports after a drop of four tenths of one percent in July the federal reserve says manufacturing production increased by one half of one percent last month the production of metals machinery and chemicals all rose however factories have been hit by the US China trade war which is raised their costs in curtail their exports factory output is down four tenths of one percent in the last year and with nearly fifty thousand General Motors workers now on strike it will be hard for manufacturers to boost their production this month my campaign Washington the world's tallest residential building will open next year in New York City but the one hundred twelve floor Central Park tower will be competing with other ultra luxury buildings for billionaire buyers Extell development company president Gary Barnett says the three billion dollar fifteen hundred fifty foot tower is entering an oversupply market he said X. dollars partners will have to be flexible and selling the buildings multi million dollar apartments apartments now listed on Central Park towers websites range from six point nine million dollars for a thirty third floor two bedroom apartment to sixty three million dollars for a one hundred twelfth floor five bedroom Facebook is working on technology it hopes will be able to recognize the potential for a violent attack A. P.'s at Jackie Quinn reports it says it'll use police footage in an effort to stop events like the masa. shootings in New Zealand earlier this year as part of an effort to crack down on extremists and deter terrorist activities from being a live streamed on its platform Facebook says it will take footage of firearms training provided by law enforcement agencies in the US and the UK to develop systems that can automatically detect first person violence while ignoring things like video games and movie footage the need arose when Facebook's artificial intelligence was unable to detect the live stream video of a mass shooter at two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand Facebook been working to limit the spread of extremist materials on its platform I'm Jackie Quinn. a radio I'm ready to fall lady parts of East Texas.

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