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He's not even close to that in half pr. He's close is top fifteen four straight years in top twelve three of the four years but in full. Pr top eight three the last four years per game. Okay we love these guys You know no issues here and jamie real quick on on the three of them on jefferson brown and keenan allen. Do you see one as a potential buster. Do you feel very safe with all three of them. I mean jefferson just with the injury. Now know that's the concern because the sample size is small and the the defense will be better for minnesota. The run game is going to be really good There is the potential of irv smith being that much better than kyle rudolph in commanding more targets opportunities in taking away touchdowns and obviously adam feeling doing a little bit more than just finding the ends on. So he's the one that has some probably more concerns than the other two. But i think you know. He's he's still East losing with potential. You know it's hard to overlook what he was able to accomplish last year. If quinn kubiak is different than gary kubiak and mike zimmer is more open to allowing offense to be not just you know. Throw when you have to then. He's got a chance to absolute and let's face it obviously drafting justin jefferson in a different spot than we were drafting. Stefan digs but the exam. Feeling really good together. you know. it's not like they were superstar this level so i don't think if it reverts back to their running the ball more you know what we saw in two thousand nineteen as opposed to twenty twenty. You're still going to get a really good receiver injustice percent but you may be taking him ahead of you know somebody who could be a little bit better behind him. Koren robinson alan. He'll depending on how it goes. So that's that's the thing you know it's like when we were talking about who could be a bust if jefferson is the eighth receiver off the board and he finished his twelve. You know if it's if it's within you know not too much of a distance of the points then you're not going to be upset but if he if it's huge gap then that's where he becomes more of us. Yeah i'm glad you mentioned that with the with the fantasy points sometimes. There is a really big gap between wide receiver rate and wide receiver twelve. Sometimes there isn't right. We're gonna take a break and the show and tomorrow we'll start it off with the middle of round three and alan robinson cd lambs harry mclaren and then after that round four gets into the buck skies amari cooper the rams guys and we will. We'll take it from there. We'll give you some of our favorite late round picks and and just keep in mind. Last year i mean t higgins had a stretch where he was just phenomenal. You don't see rookies do it brandon. I hadn't even better stretch So those guys potentially hope. I hope so chase clayton. They're not gonna be one bad one. You mean the second year. Guys in other rookies rookie right..

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