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There is a really great story that substantiates possibly that he did that because he had done that before have either of you ever heard of constantine raffin sq or course and loser yeah no nothing nothing movie star gu i have not broker constantine was a french naturalist and he he is a he was very prolific in hunting for and finding and naming new species of animals and plants and in eighteen eighteen he had seen some of the work that audubon was doing some of his paintings and drawings and he decided that the best thing to do was attach himself to audubon for awhile since that guy was always going out into unexplored areas and he could tagged along and find all these other unknown creatures implants and named them and have it underneath his catalogue of things that he found in main consumers of a really good buddy movie here well i don't know because constantine was who was a non or no not normal guy i'd be the best thing i've ever heard is the description of him as audubon got a letter of introduction when he showed up and that a letter of introduction described him as an odd fish he he was kind of a weird guy he's described as in a radic genius and most people did not like hailed they just couldn't take him but audubon seem to kind of take a shine to him and i think it's because the antics that this guy.

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