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Mother's day spending is expected to top twenty three billion dollars this year correspondent pat piper national retail federation says nearly nine out of ten americans are going to be celebrating mother's day in each person will spend an average of one hundred eighty dollars that would be slightly down from last year's record spending but before you make a purchase considered this survey by luma only twenty five percent of moms want a gift three quarters of them would prefer to do something with the family void could resume production on its f one fifty trucks as soon as next week the automaker told employees that they should expect to return to work at ford plants in dearborn michigan outside of kansas city missouri on may eighteenth ford suspended production after a fire at a supplier's facility caused it to run out of parts the f one fifty pickup has been the top selling us vehicle by any manufacturer for more than forty years i'm ann cates and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters as we've been reporting north korea has set the date to begin shutting down a major nuclear test site this as it continues to pursue improved relations with the rest of the world the state run korean central news agency said today quoting the foreign ministry that a ceremony will be held between may twenty third and twenty fifth for the dismantling of its northern nuclear test ground tesla's engineering chief is taking a bit of a break from the company this coming weeks after chairman and ceo elon musk took over production responsibilities during the rocky ramping up of the model three sedan a spokesman said in an e mail the doug field a senior vice president isn't leaving the company former professional basketball player kwame brown is crying foul on merrill lynch saying the brokerage stole seventeen point four million dollars worth of his investments brown says in a lawsuit that his signature was is forged on various authorization forms and agreements allowing his financial adviser to.

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