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Column on CBS Sports Radio this Sunday. It's an NFL on CBS double header. With the early games, highlighted by an NFC matchup between the Giants and Bears, along with the Broncos squaring off with the Steelers as Broncos will play later tonight. By the way up against Tennessee Steel is currently off 16 to 10 up against the New York football Giants than a game to Patrick Holmes and the defending Super Bowl champion Ken City Cheese Face the Chargers. Or you may have the Ravens taking on the Texans. It all starts with J. B and the guys on the NFL Today and noon Eastern nine Pacific Sunday on CBS. I wantto chat a little bit about college football in just a moment, but first let me take Mark in California. He's next up on the sack, Caleb Show Mark what's happening. It was Zach. So I don't know if you're watching the Giants Steelers game. Yeah, I got it. All right in front of me. It's on the TV. Okay, Cool. I've been a job centre for 24 years. You know, everyone I was I had a lot of optimism coming. Really? Oh, judge optimism that I did. Abso absolutely doesn't mean our schedules. Absolutely brutal, But I figured Hey, if we can beat Pittsburgh, we got Chicago Week to which obviously, Stravinsky three touchdown looks great. I'd to good defense is in a row. We don't play douse the week I was okay. Listen. Offensive line looked absolutely terrible, like there's no reason why Evan Ingram should be blocking Tio. What? He looked absolutely just law. Oh, was that in green blocking what? When he had the pick? Yeah, that was England Blocking what? What are they doing? Look absolutely terrible. And then Andrew Thomas is just looking absolutely overwhelmed out there. The fourth pick, but I expect, you know, turn around a bit, but I said to my friend I said, listen in Pittsburgh scores to get the ball back second half his games get out of hand, especially with Big Ben. Just he's not throwing the ball deep like they're not bombing it. Giants playing pretty good. But they're just swing it swing it like you just doing a little short throws and that's what's absolutely killing them. Patrick Graham last year with Miami had the 27th overall. Best defensive football. So it's like this guy was like going to come over and change things completely. You know what I mean? But the defense showed some fight in the first half. I don't think the Giants have much defensively, You know they got they got put in bad field position off the interception, and then also the play early on in the game. So you gotta put in some tough spots. But Ben goes down the field. All right. At the end of the first half, you could see that coming from a mile away. You know something negative that moment. That's the thing that's alarming, too, May see if you would have told me this the 16 10 game and the Giants or not. We have 11 carries for negative three yards that I wouldn't get. So hey, you know you're in this game right now. I don't expect this game to really go. The Giants favor in the second half. But who knows? They're in striking distance. It's 16 to 10. But if you're a giant fan And I get every year. You may go into a season feeling as if your team is optimistic, and you'll be optimistic about your team. I don't see it. You have the Steelers yet the Bears to start the season yet the 40 Niners at the Rams that the Cowboys That's a brutal start. Washington at the Eagles and Tampa That's all the way to the start in November is the start of this giant here, and they just don't have enough talent defensively. Don't have a lot there. The offensive line's been a major question mark for years to keep on saying it's getting better getting better. I'm not necessarily seeing it. Daniel Jones played well in the first half is gonna have an intercept. You could have a touchdown had some nice throws. The running game has got to do more, though, but this team just doesn't have enough talent. I don't think the judge higher was as bad as everyone else thinks it is. But if you thought anything more than four or five wins this year for the Giants, I can't help you out with that one. Because I don't see what the talent is on the rocks. You have some offensive talent. Ingram Barclay. Daniel Jones Development. Oh, God. Darry, slated at wide receiver Starling shepherds like you got some names Golden Tate. But overall is the team that's just not enough there. What you thought. If trace if everything went right for the Giants is sure what 67 wins. If everything goes right seven and nine is going to save like their absolute ceiling 500 team? No. So if you're a giant fan, I know you could be frustrated with the lack of run game here. If I told you 16 to 10 at halftime, a game one. You take it. You would take it. He gets a little college football and trace. I know college football. You're probably in a miserable state right now. I know you got noted aim, but you really want to see Penn State play because you're a Penn State guy first before Notre Dame as yes, the Bill writer tradition will continue where we get on Ryan Trace Hickey for rooting for both Notre Dame and Penn State. So this is what I don't get with the big time. In August. They make a decision to release the schedule and then a few days later they pull the carpet right out from underneath you and go. We're not playing in the fall. Then you see the big 12 the A. C. C and the SEC not follow suit. You thought maybe they would have followed suit. Only the Pac 12 follow suit and then fear kicks in. Where they're going to play. A lot of these schools have already played SEC starts up in two Saturdays and you start to think how bad are we goingto? Look, if there's a college football playoff, or even just the SEC, the A. C C in the big 12 play the majority of their games. Does what chains really from August to September. Other than fear growing in your mind, that's it. This is a fear decision by the Big 10, they may have made the right decision. But now changing it why you're changing it and the problems of habit. Big 10 is they feared making the wrong decision. Maybe they made the right decision. Who knows? And the other part is it's the lack of transparency. You owe it to those kids. If you're going to take away their season, too, not just speak in vague, ambiguous terms and actually tell them why they aren't playing. And any time you hear that it goes all the way a damaging evidence, we'll at least what the damaging evidences. If it's that damaging, you tell us And then we could say Ah, Light bulb goes off in the head for most Americans, You know this is that damaging? You can't play. But by not telling us you make it seem as if you're trying to hide and lie something. So this past weekend, I turn into a little college football, usually on Saturdays religiously and watch college football. This jumps, not feeling it. I don't know who's playing. And the college football playoff. Whatyou're gonna Crown a national championship with three teams from the power five playing..

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