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Texan the three women get into a yellow 59 ford owned by one of the ranch hands texas behind the wheel linda beside him in the passenger seat susan and pat are in the back as the engine roars to life charlie liens down the looked through the window do something which he tells them and with that the car leaves spahn ranch and heads off into the night the events of those two august night in nineteen sixty nine might never be fully comprehended though it would be a mistake to think of them as incomprehensible the barbarity of the crimes might tempt one to conclude the assailants were insane and their action senseless but even crazy people have reasons they just have crazy reasons did charlie really believe the crimes would initiate a cataclysmic war between blacks and whites that he and his family would find the bottomless pit where they would wade out the events they had set in motion that they would emerge from their subterranean rick doubt after hundreds of years to rule the world or worthy horrific murders no more than a seasoned x khan's attempt to lead authorities away from his complicity in the murder of gary henman did his followers truly believe charlie was the second coming of christ or were they in transit by their own desire to believe worthy infatuated with charlie or the idea of charlie and isn't that what he had done throughout his life let those around him project onto him a vision of saint or sinner savior and deceiver reflecting back to them their own fractured souls.

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