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Through town, his accident-free speeds up to the posted limits. And if you're heading up to the mountains today, no problems between the foothills and the Eisenhower tunnel. CBS four weather cloudy skies this afternoon with another chance for some isolated thunderstorms. Look for high near ninety three and overnight low in the mid sixties sixty nine in Denver. Now, this report is sponsored by belco want to be part of something bigger. What's your career thrive with local not for profit financial company? That's been giving back to the community since nineteen thirty six they're belco credit union. Learn more at belco dot org slash career belco equal opportunity employer. Belco banking for everyone. I'm Bill Jones. KOA NewsRadio Colorado's news. Traffic and weather station. You're listening to Mike Rosen at the movies on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Mike and Christian back with you. Okay. We're talking about Toy Story got Sheldon on the line, as a member of the Mike Rosen movie club, and he wants to tell us what he thought of the movies also going to rate it on a scale of one to five using clever unit of measure that is something to do with the movie for, which he will be rewarded with tickets to the Alamo draft house cinema to great locations sloan's lake Littleton. Of course, Westminster coming very soon, this had a grand opening so that one will be on the way momentarily. Get chance to go to that the preview, but I'm those sort of a couldn't get there. But I, I love the Alamo. I just it's just a different experience. I mean it really and I know that sounds sales pitchy. But it's really true. Which is something wonderful by going there. The huge posters. The fact that each one is different crafted to meet the needs of the neighborhood. I just love the Alamo experience. And if, if it was nothing except that no texting no talking, it would be enough. But I think the element is much more than that.

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