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Sign up download subscription or you have to do is go to. The paranormal chronicles dot com forward slash magazine or go to the paranormal chronicles dot com and you'll see on the left hand side. It says magazine click on it. Failing to the magazine on. It's like kindle. It's like a flip magazine. And you've got everything you need. And that is amazing offers amazing stories. There's more information on haunted house Halford west. There's more ways to follow me. Well, at the moment at my publisher, my publisher sick hyphen, bucks dot com. We're looking for paranormal on spatial bucks looking for new writers. And you can find information in a magazine about that. We can have to sick hyphen books. Common. Manuscript inquiry or Email me direct paranormal chronicles at AOL dot com. If you've got a buck. You wanna like I want to support able telling her own paranormal and spiritual story in touch, and we'll try and make that dream come true. Got free magazine. Other Purnomo chronicles dot com slash magazine. Trying to read this. You don't have to sign up. They don't have to spend a penny or sensory the magazine issue too is coming up in March. So you can follow the magazine I'm March, you'll be another free magazine filled with so much information. So if you want more you paranormal, and spiritual life is a free magazine for you. I thank you for loamy to plug that the gift guest as I said just a Frank everyone who stayed up late. And if you wanna learn more to the paranormal chronicles dot com slash magazine on enjoy..

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