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This'll year, the 2021 automotive Newsworld. Congress will be going virtual. With automotive news CONGRESS CONVERSATIONS The Congress conversations will be video broadcast every Thursday between April 22nd and May 20th. Each week's Congress. Conversations will feature top industry leaders who are shaping the future of the auto industry. Like Jim Farley, afford Jose Minos of Hyundai and Carlos Tamara's of Stella Artois, just to name a few to learn more about Congress conversations, topics and scheduled there's an auto news dot com slash congress. In the quest for a more sustainable future. Hydrogen fuel cells offer many advantages for mobility Williams around the world the current cost of fuel cell technology. Though feed skepticism in the commercial market, Dana overcomes those challenges. Dana is the first company to deliver performance cost and manufacturing center jeez for key components in fuel cells tax. Through our proven design and inhales automation, expertise, Way combined material coding for me and ceiling together in a single integrated product. Heinous breakthrough innovation can save volumes up to 10% on the total production cost of the fuel cell staff. If you believe in a more sustainable future, Dana is award winning technology will help you get there. Dana people finding a better way. Okay, don't find go, right? No, she'll never paint your house again. My Martin Cheryl here with Rhino Shield ceramic House coatings, asking the question that every Michigan homeowner wants the answer to. How can I put an end to exterior home maintenance once and for all, but isn't painting your house every few years of Michigan Summer tradition..

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