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The cult soccer in modern history no definitely not who's under mount rushmore of goalkeepers a did you buffon only meal secrecy is tony who's going usa mall is a con dominic hanoch possibly possibly overtime yeah you're not a big fan of con i like yeah like this fires goes yeah but yeah so i i would actually say that that game that overcome had against us in the quarterfinals in your game against belgium in the round of sixteen probably the two best goalkeeping performances in soccer history yeah i think so that game you had sixteen saves against belgium after that game you go you you know you leave the pitch you go on social media where you just blown away with 'cause in real time everyone was tim howard the savior you know secretary defense all these things were happening a was it just like holy shit and it's really catching on social media exposure yeah it's crazy because like i always wonder with soccer you know the growth from twenty years go today it's been insane but you guys are still you know the fifth big biggest in america is there ever say a complex it happens with soccer players you know try to break through the mean some some maybe not for me it's a you know i played and i played independently for thirteen years it that that fish bowl doesn't get any yeah you're so it's for me it was it was no problem but yeah i mean look the part of the world cup was as you said getting that crossover audience not being the biggest sport in america by getting hockey and baseball and football fans and basketball fans would be like you know i wanna i wanna cut cut out from work including some beers and wants to you i split right yeah right day drinking in public squares if you can get americans do that then you will be in instance lebron i can't wait no it's it's a lot of fun a so you you mentioned going over to the premiership ship so you you got started here in mls around the new york new jersey metro cr as i remember you had a you had one save on a free kick from like twentyfive twenty yards out upper nineties stop it that i think that save right there that got detention of the coaches in england talent scouts were like were bringing this guy over see if he can play in the really go overseas you get over there what would that change that transition 'em yes tough you know i was going going from a young kid nonetheless the best teams in the world manchester negatives it was a big transition for me and it proved to be so had a lot of success early on and then some growing pains and kind of had to figure that stuff out as as i went oh yeah so adverted in liverpool like a famous rivalry yeah what is it like being in the middle that rivalry because i think from the uss side we all think of like you know do you unsee or yankees red sox her packers bears what is it a totally different level because the same city yeah it's a family divided it's the same city 'em you know you go down to the to the pubs ivan good ended opposing loophole i wouldn't dare but i have friends who were whoever tone ins and yet it you know you gotta be careful you walk in that kind of stuff yeah in those games must have been like on rusher in amazing yeah usa mexico and everton liverpool familiar with the craziest games have been usa mexico in mexico those always seen both saying yeah and look we've we've been were outnumbered if we play in america yeah the mexican fans are are are crazy man that they're out there in in ways and it's getting better yeah yeah but obviously in mexico we never one so as part of a team two dozen twelve to be the first he never went in mexico which is also sarah yeah that's impressive is to nothing actually the most dangerous leading in soccer that's they say i'd rather have a to nothing lead one nothing we really yeah but then if you look if they scored one goal then it's too the.

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