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Watch and assess the coats and not time as well. And obviously a little bit of. An extra. Chancellor Kohl one this year with a Colin celebration. We will watch tonnage. I'm sure at one place to. Have the cause. To remain anonymous. I'm sure if they see you walking around and that they want to pin pin the blame on. But no I mean the course always pretty fantastic, and is that one of the challenges ee? I'm sure you have extremely high standards, so you quite critical. Of the smallest kind of change I see you measure of different things everyday. Is that correct to make sure infer steen? Yeah, so I think that's A. Any job job. Whatever industry you only gets the top by being. Over, critically show from. Education Guy Sitting around the table you'll. Only what they think. But uh I mean. If anybody was to say you know I've techniques call as far as I can? Then is clearly not the to them. Always looking for? A minute be a massive improvement if we can look for one or two percent every time we dacians and We're always looking crew, so yeah, we are! We are over critical. As pushy as well I'm. What would you say kind of the biggest the biggest challenges you face? I mean in my head I feel like you're constantly in a battle with the British weathe- is out that say. Yeah..

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