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Do. I wanna make And i the sound off. Jack murder law that i i thought about not doing it. It was too late with that with that. Segue pete pete pete europe for the second round. Here really weird ones here. I think i'm going to go. Broke of. I'm gonna go with jerry. Lewis second round wait. Isn't he dead late. Jerry lee lewis or jerry lewis. Yeah oh jerry. Lee lewis. Sorry jerry lee lewis. Yeah yeah that's a good second proud. He's already sell it. Jerry lewis born september twenty nine thousand nine hundred thirty five. So he's he's ready to old luke perry guy all all of that all right. Great mike human sidetrack me jamie. Europe third third third third on the second signal. All right all right have a couple here. I'm trying to think which one i'm going to go. Well okay. i'm gonna do this one this. Hopefully you guys who this. Everyone know who norman lear. Norman lear eric. He's the producer involved. That's for ninety. Eight is oldest. So norman lear. Sorry pal you're going down. This cheer mother enters there is a. There's a documentary about him. In his life that i saw it was on amazon. Prime maybe it was show time but it was really really While done put together informative Really interesting to see talk a lot about own the family and its role and society and everything like that Difficult that actually saw called all sodomy try to have serious conversations for ten seconds a showtime after midnight. Yes that's right all right so here with the fourth pick in the second round i am an. I hate taking this. But i'm gonna take brooks. I am still doing pretty good though right now. Could jeez. don't forget them. Could it could change on dime destroyed. Died after yeah. I oh dracula. Deadline that wasn't dracula. Didn't loving at him that now. After ramadan nothing was awful. Yeah that that movie Elicited absolute anarchy in the movie theater. So can we talk about we. Just bring up that story real quick what we did in that movie theater. Go ahead go ahead and light. Lighten the that one of my favorite movie going experiences of all time is one of the worst movies ever made. You think it's like mel brooks and leslie nielsen. How could he go wrong now. This movie went wrong. It is not funny. I think there's like two jokes and the whole thing that's funny. It was so terrible but we went to his movie theater. That was clean so far away by marketplace mall. I remember but we awful snowstorm and everywhere keith. One point during the movie. Also here's keith. Literally jumped over seats head. I i want it is big bulky chicago coach when flied forward. I just slammed from bunch of signed. So ruin over that. Can you imagine. Imagine if keith lake seriously hurt himself as like a go home he explained to kurtz happen. How did you how did how did you blow out your needs. Well i was jumping over three movie seats trying to make it to the is but were there her whether people were there people in front of you know i just wanted was made a bad joke. I to the movie was really awful ma. It really was. Yeah keith crippled loving it all right around your pick final picking. I'm not sure if this is going to happen but assured padilla's Christopher plummer did you say you. I want i. I want christopher plummer officers. Why why. you're that guy. I want gone and i i'm willing to put my second round pick Because is one on saas. I gotta ask why. Why do plumber. What's the source of this summer. Listen sometimes things happen in the universe. There's no rhyme or reason why they happen. But like if there's a movie with with christopher plummer in In mcdowell and william hurt. I'm just gonna blow my fuck. It reads out so yeah so you hate dragnet you hate dragnet then don't hey i love dragnet and i hate the third christopher plummer in that you're having cost i despise i love the untouchables. It's not that it's not that you know. not that. Just because he's in the movie. I'm gonna eat the movie based hate him talking with william her anything william hurt his. Just fucking stinks absolutely totally. I couldn't agree more realistically. I don't under-. I don't understand that. Just that seems like an like sorta. I'm looking for a a reach to have that much hatred for for william. Hurt her riddick. Let me ask you this question. Keith hurt movie i did. Yeah i would think. I have you because i will be at reach. Would kind of a really close told me a starring role or just any movie. He's Trying to think of anything. He well i thought oh. Wow he thought it'd be he is i did like it was a dark city. I like dirksen a history of violence with vigo mortenson. Now i fucking hated. that movie. hated love a her blow on broadway. I love the. I love the play early early. I've done a couple of times and sexually roadway production so there is the paradox right there. I love the play. But he sucks a..

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