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To return some this exactly like principal when i hear that story. I'm like well clearly talking about prince philip. The duke of edinburgh right. It's hard to say. How much has been changed by the subsequent seeing it through the lens of prince philip career but in a vague way there was a story about a a light lighter than them guy. Yeah with a you. Know who who marries a goddess or another powerful spirit over the waves. I mean any time you go to a fortune teller. They're going to tell you that. A light skinned guy has been trying to contact. Those are the two elements right. There's there's a connection with a new stranger. Yeah maybe a love match and travel over water right right right. Those are the two things and so those are both present in this legend because there is some at this village. There is apparently some tradition adjacent to that in the nineteen sixties due to the anglo-french condominium then running new hebrides. There were pictures of queen elizabeth everywhere that was the thing about a crown colony sure and nineteen sixty s. Those were the that was that was pete. Queen elizabeth inter inter crown. Yes and she would be pictured She'd beyond the money she was she was pretty. She's four covers a disgrace right. She would just be sitting on should be on magazine covers with her beautiful children and often she has next to her her her her gallant husband be draped in metal. He's a milit- military hero. He's draped in metals and he I feel like we spend a lot of this show talking about Older hideous men and how hot they were when they were younger but prince. Philip is a good looking man. he's he's very white strong jaw line kind of a regal looking a substantial knows. He was always balding. Even i think when they were first married. But it's a good look on him whereas distinguished but it's a good look on on prince philip where it isn't on prince rainier of monaco right lake like prince philip's. Yeah seems dashing. Seems like somebody that might have sort fighting score scars whereas prints raniero is. Yes seemed like a guy that should be selling you hard salami. You know we don't know what kind of what species of listener were speaking to right on this program right. They could be from a variety of eras variety of fi la they could be plants that could secrete their own pungent. Musk cable certainly have their own. Different smells but almost certainly if you can smell you're gonna have smells. You prefer aren't chicken exactly. It's going to be a smell of your species. That is not socially acceptable and very smell. That is and you know who knows more about that than anybody else is native o right native native who Who cares about the products you put on your body. Yeah i mean this stuff is is going to be true across eras globally. You may want an aluminum free deodorant. You almost certainly do. Yes unless you are made of aluminum. You wanna deodorant without You may want unscented deodorant. For example you may want broad spectrum. Spf thirty sunscreen for your face and body. If you live in a dystopia future it may be that you that. You're you're raised evolved in a time when the sun did not penetrate to the earth and then the skies clear because of a strong zephyr and all of a sudden. The sun is burning. Your you're pasty white ectoplasms. I can't imagine a time when you would not want to smell like coconut vanilla or citrus and herbal. Musk or lavender and rose. I mean everybody's gonna want body wash deodorant..

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