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Right. Yeah. Type species of grapes. Right. Is there is more dough great because aboard DOE is a cabernet merlot blend, right? Come from the region, which they'll picked, there's nothing worse than eating a grape. And it has seeds in it a seated grape. Anyways, what does that mean the groups come from where their wine obvious? And this is this because you asked me, but the show if there was anything like Pablo Toray that because publicly revealed that he's never chewed doing them. I haven't eaten a grape since I was maybe two and I decided, then I don't like grapes, either twelve every New Year's you don't do that right grapes? Don't like to be a green great guy. Grips are fine. I like them. But the Greg rape what are purple? It's not really. They hold rabbits purple. I haven't had grape since I was really small and decided that I didn't like I don't even remember coming to. I don't recall eating a grape. I just always known that I don't like grapes. I feel like you should it's time to try grape again. I mean. Because I all my life, I didn't like coffee and then a couple of weeks ago. I was like, I'm a coffee guy now. And now I drink coffee, almost daily feel like you would love red nice red grape. I haven't had a main go in about thirty years. How about this? I've never had a mango. Sure. Never had a mango. I've had. Yes. Yeah. But in terms of getting a main mango juice. I've had mango juice. I know the flavor profile of a main Garay candies in mango salsa. But in terms of like cutting open a mango and just eating the mango haven't done. You know, I like grapes. I don't like grape candy or grape flavor him thing. But I like grapes are so right. Where do they get that, like where did that taste for grape candy grape juice doesn't taste like great? It doesn't taste like a single grape. No, you know what I could do. I can eat an entire lemon. Why are you gonna? I love lemon every every group of friends has that one guy. I had a friend growing guy. Yeah. Mm eleven guy. I guarantee none of your friends. Not the looks, I'm not the muscle and not the brand in the lemon guy. But every. Do you eat a lemon you bite it like an apple done this? Why like an orange? It's so bad for your teeth. Yeah, it is. So terrible for you. But I could do it lime. I prefer, I prefer the line because it's even more tart, but these aren't supposed to eat like excellent understand a pillow salt on the line. Tequila. No, no, no. I don't like to wait. Drink tequila. It's a communal thing, I'm never gonna say, no. Do I often say, no? I won't do that shot..

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