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CBS News special report she delivered the funny lines and even some real zingers all with a smile Betty White's agent and close friend Jeff witches has confirmed her death at age 99 to People magazine CBS's Deborah Rodriguez with a look back It was her role as Sue Ann nivens the man crazy happy homemaker on the Mary Tyler Moore show that turned white into a household name in the 1970s Did you crash the men's room Of course not I went to somebody's guest In her next big hit Golden Girls the actress reverse type playing rose a naive woman with a big heart I went out with this man that talked for two hours about his prostate problems Two decades later she was still red hot in the sitcom hot in Cleveland So what are you like a hundred I don't like you Deborah Rodriguez CBS News Betty White has reportedly died just shy of her 100th birthday CBS News special report I'm Jennifer Kuiper It's two 52 now I took driver in Colorado who was originally sentenced to a 110 years behind bars for causing a fatal pile up will be spending much less time behind bars after public pushback The driver's story went viral when a Colorado judge handed down a 110 year prison sentence The judge said his hands were tied because of the state's mandatory sentencing guidelines Rohel aguilera madero killed four people when his breaks went out in 2019 but his lengthy sentence and this speech had a sentencing hearing led to widespread outrage I know I tried to respond to it But it wasn't intentional Now Colorado governor Jared polis has shortened his term The driver will now spend just ten years behind bars Monica Rick's CBS News CBS News correspondent Steve Dorsey with a look at some of the biggest stories that made headlines in 2021 Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah At the nation's highest court abortion dominated including the Texas law that bans nearly all abortions There's a loophole that's been exploited here Justices also heard arguments about abortion restrictions in Mississippi This court should overrule row and Casey and uphold the state's law Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd No one should be above the law And today's verdict stands that message It was accusations of race fueled hate a jury considered in Kyle rittenhouse's trial in Kenosha Wisconsin Not guilty And in the trial of three men convicted of killing ahmaud Arbery near Brunswick Georgia There could be a profound impact countrywide on the issues of open carry a firearms and citizen arrest laws It's two 54 Have you ever wondered why eyeglasses cost so much The eyewear industry has been.

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