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If you're a business owner you don't need us to tell you that. Running a business is tough. Don't books and spreadsheets. Slow you down anymore. Now is the time to upgrade to net suite by oracle the world's number one cloud business system nets week gives you visibility and control over your financials h. Our inventory commerce and more joined the over twenty four thousand companies using that sweet right now schedule your free product to a right now at net sweet dot com slash fox net sweet dot com slash fox in the face of soaring coronavirus cases. Michigan's governor is urging educators to suspend in person learning for the next two weeks governor gretchen. Whitmer is also recommending a pause to all youth sports and indoor dining michigan congresswoman. Debbie dingle says her district has been hit hard. are hospitals. Every hospital in my district is at capacity there now canceling surgeries. The head of michigan's high school sports association says the competition will go on as planned unless local districts. Opt out in alabama governor. Kay ivey is advocating personal responsibility and common sense. The state's mask mandate was lifted. Friday about the governor says she'll continue to wear one when she's around other people she's also urging citizens to respect businesses. That still won't customers to wear masks to of alabama's largest cities birmingham and montgomery are keeping mask requirements in place more expert testimony at the murder trial of former minneapolis. Police officer derek. Chauvin dr andrew back to the chief medical examiner who ruled george floyd's death a homicide says heart disease and drug use were contributing factors but not the direct cause of his death. He experienced a cardiopulmonary arrest in the context of law enforcement. Subdural restraint in neck compression. It was the stress of that interaction. The tip him over the edge given his underlying heart disease and his toxicological status other medical experts have gone further testifying that floyd died from his fix. The out or insufficient oxygen show vince. Japan's maintains the ex officer did what he was trained to do. They also claim floyd's lying health conditions and drug use are. What killed him the death of britain's prince. Philip will be marked next hour with forty-one gun salutes across the country. The husband of queen. Elizabeth was ninety. Nine funeral. details have not been released. Pam fox news. Hey it's adam corolla from adam corolla show if your business owner. You don't need me telling you that running a business is difficult but let's not make it harder than necessary don't let quickbooks and spreadsheets slow. You down stop paying for multiple systems that don't give you the info in need when you need it. Upgrade to net suite by oracle the world's number one cloudy business get visibility and control over financials hr inventory e commerce and more. Do it all from one place instantaneously whether you're doing a million or hundreds of millions in revenue save time save money with nets. We joined the over twenty two thousand companies using that sweet right now schedule your free product to our right now. It net sweet dot com slash fox net sweet dot com slash fire. The heartland news feed weather center. Thursday scattered showers otherwise partly sunny with a high near fifty seven thursday. Night showers likely otherwise. Mostly cloudy with a low around forty nine friday. Mostly cloudy through mid morning then gradually clearing with a high near seventy three vets. The latest weather check out more news and weather on our website at heartland news feed dot com. You've got the luck of the irish. Total wine will shamrock your world with over fifteen thousand wines spirits and beers that means you can have your irish whiskey near guinness every which way and keep more golden your pilot and are friendly. Leprechauns are standing by ready to guide you to everything you need to celebrate the emerald isle. So the st patty's day where more greenspan less of it sean. Dad's cheers in irish explore. More at totalwine dot com drink responsibly. Feed twenty one. Hi i'm louis magno. Ceo of torrid and it toward. We know how hard it is to find clothes that fit grade and feel super comfortable. Especially if you're a bigger or curvy girl. We designed the leggings. You've been waiting for with a fit like no other are tummy smoothing way span. Hold you in and smooz you out with the perfect stretch and buttery softness to make you never want to take them off. You'll feel confident wearing them. Whether you're going out working out or hanging out honestly our leggings our dream so come to toward dot com and try. Our.

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