A new story from Jared and Katie


In Kelly Jenner has been spending time with what the famous rapper that's Drake as we said in a minute and there's reports that they're doing to do she loves them reference yeah shoes with Travis Scott and get another kid yeah could be she's the world's youngest self made billionaire so she don't care yeah I like it handle of the self made part yeah I don't buy that right but she is a billionaire crazy and who sings this little not X. love that song is catchy I like it a lot he's a he's got two big hits good for him if we want to eat a sandwich still trying to understand how the panini works into the song because every time I sing like make like he wants him to rhyme with meaning yes exactly yes like panini I guess make it genius ridiculous I'll give him though all right a amount all morning listener pointed out something about our podcast that we didn't know to Jason given at a college football game of all places yes that is true at Wake Forest yeah I was Wake Forest NC state game we got pointed out something ridiculous about our podcast so we can do to our podcast while listening that makes it ridiculous find out what what chasing a found out at the football game that's coming up with hearing Katie the morning seven five KCL the number one hit music station Katie in the morning one oh seven five keys PC power knows you can't let headaches or cold keep you from being your best you have to be on the job you have to be coach you have to be so it.

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