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Eh over five hundred people showed up to to participate in our day of service, and we have to figure out how to make it bigger because apparently people love coming to our place, and and committing service. So big shout out to Chicago awesome. Wonderful to hear row. Tell me something good. I'm just really proud to have the friends that I had this time last year. I had some pretty awful friends. So now, absent really, great friends, and we're doing really great thing. So that's not something good all of that friends, really make all the difference. I was saying I think I told the story earlier in the week deny that I'd never thought I was gonna make me friends after I hit a certain age and being on the show, I've met somebody incredible people who so many incredible people who have changed my life. I talked up there. First second the eight four seven says, by the way, for anyone who wants to check out the show that I talked about leverage. It's also on Monday through Thursday, six at ten AM, which means they run for episodes on channel thirty eight on I on TV, if you have that channel before we go to the break, and I want to make sure we check in with Roger for his something. Good either. But Gwen wants to say something to hey, Glenn. What did you wanna say? Hey, Patty, you know, how the elementary school have annual science fair projects for the kids. Well, I heard a ten year old one a science project proving how Tom Brady cheated and. Lance foot tall came. Look it up. That's too funny. Yeah. He wasn't the science fair by ten year wonder if his parents help them with their well, we all Bill kids last name Lieber, Mike libra who's on the show from time to time created the deflate traits. Oh, I I have like I said, I didn't look it up. I just heard I heard it in passing they tend to probably Google it. But here probably here, I don't deteriorated cog or what? But at ten year old one the actual science project for proving Tom Brady. Yes. I actually said that article to my favorite patriots fan John Katie who will be in on Tuesday. And I'll tease him about it. It'll be it'll be teasing Tuesday would tasty. TV trivia take squad have a great weekend YouTube petty. Okay. Thanks good night by Roger before I go to the break in and turn it over to you guys. Tell me something good. I want to say thank you to miss Julie who our grandkids gymnastics coach their gymnastics routines are coming together beautifully. Excellent. I had a six zero six bowling for research. Hey, congratulations, more quick break. And then turned over to map Papa..

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