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This section of the podcast. I really liked to tell you a little bit about what the meeting was like between drew Brees and Sean Payton in which they go over the game plan, and it's like to John Nashes from Beautiful Mind talking to each other and talking a language that I certainly couldn't understand the same way. I would not have been able to understand John Nash and his mathematical formulas, but what I thought what I thought was was interesting overall and just a little bit of inside football here. During the course of the evening, obviously, there's some sensitive stuff that's being discussed and exactly what they're going to do in the game plan. I thought it was amazing. How free they were with their information. The saints coaches and players, and and I think that one of the reasons is that they're going through this football nomenclature so fast. And it just you know, and they go, and they go, and they go, and it's a language like, they're speaking Flemish, and I just can't understand a damn word. They're saying, but the interesting part of it. I think is and I think the reason why Peyton isn't worried about me leaking anything anybody. I mean is what what would I know when they say snug left Y fly P thirty five stab dog f rail. Everybody got that. And everybody says, yeah. And. And so, but I I don't know what any of those any of those words are symbols or herb reveal mean. So basically, I think there's no need to worry about it. I could hear that all day. But it's like if I was sitting in a room for the first day hearing, some different language, obviously, I'm not gonna have any idea what they're saying. So I found that to be really really interesting. The one thing that will tell you before I get into the breeze part. That was very interesting is that Peyton is. Just this crazy mad scientist when he's thinking of plays to this point. He started thinking he was said he was doodling Thursday night. And he started thinking why do we have to have a quarterback in a formation? Why can't we have a totally empty backfield? No quarterback, no running back. And obviously at some point. There's going to be somebody there to take snap. But why can't we have a totally empty? Backfield where we'll have five ofensive linemen. And what I'm gonna do is. We're gonna have a bunch formation on the right with two wide receivers and our backup quarterback tastes them hill who also plays sort of jack-of-all-trades role form on the left hand side. We're gonna have to wide receivers in drew Brees. And so we're gonna come up to the line of scrimmage and the play clock will be going down twelve eleven ten nine. And I asked him about it. And he said now my goal is for there to be eight Philadelphia Eagles all looking at their their defensive play collars, Malcolm Jenkins. My goal is to have them. All looking at Malcolm Jenkins saying what do we do? Because you know, if you don't have a quarterback are running back back there. What do you do? And so and I said, okay. Well, what do you do? And he goes, well, eventually, either tastes them hill or. Breeze is gonna come back. He's gonna take the snap. And do whatever the design was when that happened tastes them hill was gonna come back, and he was going to take the snap for max the center, and he was going to run around right end. And hopefully run at their target of the day. Sidney Jones a cornerback who they don't think tackles will. So anyway, I thought that was sort of the darndest thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm watching this play. And I am saying somebody forgot to play quarterback there. So that was that was pretty pretty interesting. So let's let me go to the the meeting now between breeze and Peyton that. I thought was so I thought one of the really really interesting parts of it is just the realisation that a coach are smart coach is now. Not an autocratic, man. A smart coach is a bit of a democrat. He's a bit of a collaborative person much more. So than you would think in the days of Lombardy, and and even in the days of Bill Walsh. I once was able to sit in on a week of the Green Bay Packers in it. And I do remember I in the Saturday meeting that Brit farve in Mike Holmgren had. Honglin said, here's the place..

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