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Sports. Here's Dave Kerner, a strange, but it turned out to be a satisfying night for the cubs at Wrigley field. Seven to six winners over the pirates in ten innings. The cubs led a six to one lead getaway starting Martin hit a two run double in the top of the night Tiet, but Albert Elmore junior ended the ball game with an RBI single bringing in Tarrant score from third in the bottom of the tenth. And with that the cubs kept their half game lead on Milwaukee for the NFL central. Meanwhile, the cubs had wrapped up a postseason berth earlier by virtue of the brewers beating the cardinals the cubs assured of at least a wildcard spot. Joel Madden knows this has been a hard slog part of it is this the schedule itself. I mean, the guys have had a fight through a lot of stuff and they have our offense. Probably not probably has not been clicking like we had anticipated almost for a month and a half or two months, but we're still here. Jason heyward. A two-run Homer in the first inning to give the cubs of two to one lead. He drove in three for the night. The cubs still have one more with the pirates. John Lester on the mound on Thursday night. Is the cubs make up their game at hand on Milwaukee. So they could extend their lead in the division and the process Cleveland over the White Sox tend to to guaranteed rate field. It was the home finale for the White Sox for twenty eighteen Edwin Encarnacion hit a three run Homer went three for four on the Indian scored. Eight of the ten runs in the middle three innings. Rick Renteria deciding to essentially have a bullpen night for his pitching jas fry started. But a host of other relievers came on after that to the bears getting ready for the Tampa Bay. Buccaneers Sunday at Soldier Field. Prince amukamara Marcus Cooper on Anthony Miller, not on the practice field on Wednesday Miller with the dislocated shoulder a MO Camara and Cooper because of hamstring injuries. Major League Soccer the fire losing it. New York City f c to nothing was the final. We've got the bears in box Sunday with the nine AM pre. Game kickoff at noon on your home of the bears. Dave Kerner NewsRadio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM. One eight seven seven Kars four kids K. Ricki? Eight seven seven Kars four kids donate..

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