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This is a head. Gum podcast while Andrew and Craig believe the joy of discovery is crucial to enjoying any well told tale. They will not shy away. From spoiling specific story beats when necessary. Plus these are books. You should have read by now. Uh It wasn't a raccoon. Andrew wasn't a raccoon that adolescent raccoon. That was giving me so much trouble last week. Hi Welcome over to gas at the books even mean to read when he was Craig. My Name's Andrew and if you're just tuning in you will remember that last week when we recorded Craig had an animal and his wall that was giving him a lot of grief he had a roommate move in and clean squatters rights in our wall and after hearing the animal noises over the phone a man said with a pretty high degree of confidence as I recall that it was definitely an adolescent recruit. Yes that was not. That's not how turned out. How the story turnout? No a very kind. Man named jared came to my house the next morning and promptly within hearing it and he had also laid eyes on outside of the building said. That's starling that's a Birdie or wall and he'd spent half an hour trapped inside our closet after cutting and then he said Hey. It's two birds in there. So and they shoved him in a cage humanely and then sealed up our wall and left never to be seen again. They say burn. The hand is worth two in the wall. Yeah I guess just like is the exchange rate one adolescent raccoon equals to starlings and is that why he thought it was an adolescent birds dressed up as a raccoon. I guess maybe just the guy on the phone had dealt with enough raccoons that he he taught we got told a story about how young raccoons like lose their way in the tunnels between houses. And this was like no bird got in through a hole and then fell and then the big bird didn't WanNa leave it behind which is noble. I suppose but we didn't get any sleep so I was. I've never been less angry. No more angrier animals. I think than I was those days. But we're we're we're here now and there are still allow birds in our neighborhood. But they're not in my house which is where they should be so. That's one story wrapped up on this. Podcast we love story. That's normally when we're not getting animals in places where animals shouldn't be each chivas. Reads a book that we've never had before and we tell the other one about it and you. The listener gets a ride along. Yeah you read this week Show I read. My Grandmother asked me to tell you she sorry Frederick Bachmann it is also published in the UK. I think as my grandmother sends her regards and apologizes. Which do you like better? I do think I like the US version better. Because I want I want the. Uk wanted to be. My Grandmother Sends Her regards and apologies. Holiday is is very odd though I guess in keeping with the t tell you she sorry. It's like more active than sends her regards and apologies. But I do like the tell you she sorry it. Just it's simpler. It's I duNNo. It's more direct. Maybe that's more American of me. Yeah Bachman is what. He's Swedish right. Yes I think the translation is by henning coach and in Coke And I enjoyed the translation. Just fine I had no like. I know I had no ringing. Endorsement is fine there. We've talked about some novels. I could translate it and it's like you can't you lose a sense of auth intent sometimes because I think we talked about this a little bit on the shadow of the wind episode like. Yeah where is it leaning into the Gina and whereas is it leaning into just a flowery translation and the fact that this book is a very close third person of seven going on eight year old helps with elect directness of the language Like feeling justified in world but also probably keeping the translator from like kind of getting out there on on a limb. I don't know what am I wanted. this was recommended to us by one of our patrons supporters. Susan thank you Susan. Susan didn't provide any additional information very excited to Dallas to read this book. So that's all was just GONNA have have to reverse engineer Susan's opinion about the spot. Hey that's okay there you go. That sounds good What do you got Bachmann or the novel Andrew Yellow just a little bit on on Bachman in the novel so the novel like US says published in two thousand fifteen in the US and in the UK and then originally in twenty thirteen in Sweden This Bach Men's second novel His first a man called Ova which I watched a movie trailer they can. I kept going back every time a character said his name. So that's that's the best pronunciation. I got based on the trailer for the film. Sure the Swedish movie that came out in two thousand fifteen by the same name. A man called the. Yes which is far as I could tell us about a crank uelmen with a gold cranky all may with a heart of gold and this book is littered with Cranky people with hearts of gold. So you can see. There's a if you've you've read a man called Ova you probably will feel right at home and liked it like you'll feel at home in this book because I there's a similar worldview. I suppose that's what I was when I was reading through a reader reviews of of this. I saw a couple of people mentioned. You know I've I've read a bunch of Walkmans work in. This is the most similar to the man called who've except with a bunch of other stuff which will get into sure. Sure Yeah other books include Britain Marie was here. Bear town which sounds like a fun us against you and then Avella's every more and every morning the way home gets longer and longer and the deal of a lifetime and in a nonfiction book called things my son needs to know about the world Britain. Marie was here. Might be in the same universe like fictionally as This book my grandmother etc. Because that's one of the main key one of the characters that we meet one secondary characters that we meet and from what I read about. The Synopsis Picks up where that character leaves off in this book of a woman whose marriage falls apart and she goes off to explore a new chapter in her life. SO I don't. I don't know that it's been called a sequel. I would have expected it to be but the more of a view askew never S- situation. Yes definitely where things are where. Things are vaguely related by virtue of not directly contradicting on. Oh sure times silent Bob shows. I forgot that that's what that universe was called and I forgot that it was a universe. Yeah the older guy. Like every seventy five episodes or so I bring up the view esque universe in reference to some world building. One of those movies I've ever spent real time with his dogma which I don't know if it holds up but I liked it I like at the time and I think I choose to leave it back there though. Alan Rickman is good. In as our CAU- Yes Allen. Richtman is good in it interesting okay. That's all I got about him that he did he's a he's also like a newspaper columnist and essayist and then got into novel writing There's a New York Times profile of on him from twenty sixteen mostly on the like. Wow this guy's sell us books like Well like why the itsel lots of books in America like. How did that happen okay? That's it traces. It from like the rejection of the Ova manuscript which he said one publisher said we like your novel. We think you're writing has potential but we see no commercial potential and one of the like booksellers who acquired the rights. Peter Boylan said I had a great voice and it was different from everything else I was reading. It wasn't Scandinavian Nawar Scandinavian. He paused searching for the right description. Something Else I. It is interesting to think about it as a as an American book industry though like the Swedish export from the like mid to late arts was stieg Larsson and like the girl with the Dragon. Tattoo and now homing and then this guy. That's more I've never read any of those. But that's more of like a thriller. Yes yes archetype. Right yes And this is very different at a whole different thing so reading reading reviews about the book. And because because you asked me to just let come with some kind of vague handle on what the book was. Yeah please and like you said to me like it's not quite sick. Lit like the the new on air because because we talked about it or on her own but not when we were playing. Drive trucks right. Cyclic is a sort usually. I WANNA a fiction. A character dies or is dying in that is the like you the instigating event of the story or just like a access that everything sort of yes the What's the John Green Book Palmar our stars our stars. Maybe it's either a walk to remember and or the Britney Spears movie crossroads. Yeah it's some you gotta spend the last good times with someone's life a book. The one that I that came to mind that I read for the show while but I still think about sometimes said tell the wolves I'm home. Oh have it here. It's a girl's uncles. Mike Boyfriend is dying of AIDS in the late eighties early nineties sure sure and teaches the girl a little something about life along the way like. It's easy to be dismissive of the of the genre and so so this isn't quite that but it's sort of playing in that wheelhouse is a character. Death in that does set the events of the of the book into motion but it sounds like in addition to just being about Mike people with hearts of gold. It's also got some like sort of magical realism means. Sort of make believe it has a main believes going on. Yeah let me give you the really reductive sentence that I put in our chat before we started recording already. He already gave it to me. You don't have to you have to give me again. That's why I'm saying I have it already. Let me say it out loud in case anyone else needs to hear it. Okay if you think that's necessary. Eight-year-old learns that a bunch of adults in her life are more connected than she thought and that everyone is more complicated than they seem at first glance and that is definitely what happens in the book and it is run through this. You Know Main Character Elsa who is seven going on eight. She is quote unquote. Different is a for is a term that both and people people who like her and people who don't like her consider her different and it's like either a good or a bad thing based on whether or not you like her she's A very precocious kid. She's Super Smart. She loves to read But she also loves to tell people when they're wrong and loves to people. Love love to like wind. That super endearing wheeled that knowledge that she you know really ingests a lot of information and then like is pretty insightful. About how people behave and just her peers. Her seven year old boys are not prepared to receive that type of treatment from anyone let alone. A girl If you can't hear my I roll and the whiplash gave my neck for being a seven-year-old boy there for a second So she really only has one friend who really gets her and that is her granny who I think is seventy seven and she has. She's she is seven and then granny seventy yes. Yes and granny is like Man Take multiple versions of the like outside the box grandparent from fiction but like and roll it into one but like she's not super problematic like she's not you know spouting off with stuff that she shouldn't say necessary racist racist grandma she's more like the grandparents from. Hey Arnold yes she's A. She's an agent of chaos. Graham is and her and Elsa get along very very well and so the it's not quite the inciting in the book but the major incident in the first quarter of the book is that Granny does pass away from cancer and she leaves this like Treasure Hunt of letters for Elsa to find and then deliver to various people who live in their apartment building And over the course we'll get we'll dive deeper than this.

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