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Paddling. Visit blocking traffic, but even if they're blocking traffic he says, it's usually not a problem with the speed limit of less than six miles per hour. Even if they collided the bigger boats would just push the smaller ones like kayaks out of the way resident Mark Devlin agrees. He's lived in marina del Rey for thirty five years and has never heard of a fatality so close to shore. It's a no wake area. And if we take a look at the boats right now, that's pretty much what they do. This is traditionally very slow and very slow out. The sheriff's department has deemed it an accident and says there won't be charges filed against the boat driver. The kayakers name still has not been released. I'm Kelly wells, e scooters are now fully legal on the streets of Los Angeles. They have to follow some new rules. KPCC's Meghan McCarthy. Carino has more on the new regulations that were approved today when the LA city council first proposed regulating dacas devices more than a year ago scooters like burden lime weren't even in the picture yet. Now they've. Taken off in many neighborhoods and spurred a backlash of complaints that led to one failed attempt to ban the devices, but today, the city embrace the new technology with some limits. Here's councilman David Roo who led the effort. We're going to be serious about creating alternative models of transportation's that don't involve polluting cars or bumper to bumper traffic than Dhaka's vehicles are a must unlike Santa Monica the city of LA won't limit the number of companies it allows it will limit the number of devices each company can put on the street starting at five hundred per company up to three thousand and more in low income neighborhoods that aren't currently being served an effort to limit the speed of the scooters to twelve miles per hour..

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