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A. l. a. Cumulus station Wwl news at ten thirty good morning I'm John Matthews metro says it will not be able to meet a federal deadline to. Install safety barriers on all of it seven thousand series trains to protect visually impaired passengers from falling into gaps between the railcars the government had given metro until the end, of this year to make those changes and it's threatened to. Withhold a quarter of metros federal, funding if it's not in compliance metros asking the government for a five month extension to get the work done no, word on whether that will fly firefighters continue to struggle with a massive northern California wildfire that's claimed more than five. Hundred structures and threatens five thousand more the weather out there isn't. Helping the fire conditions for car fire the temperatures are still expected to remain in triple digits wins, are going to be locally very gusty. Which would spread more of that fire, they are still in a moderate drought and there is absolutely zero rain in. The. Short term forecast, for this area meteorologist Allison Chinchar says thirteen states are struggling with wildfires right now All day long outdoor festival. Gets underway. At noon in downtown Annapolis honor and benefit the five reporters killed in last month's ambush at the capital gazette newspaper one hundred. Percent at the ticket sales go to the families all the artist of volunteer all the speakers of this offensive free mayor Gavin Buckley says that includes the headliner good Charlotte, nine other local bands are also taking part in the concert. On Calvert street you can park, at the navy Marine Corps stadium and catch a free ride to the site a small setback for the Redskins at, training camp first round pick Doron pain a nose tackle head sprained his ankle he'll be in a walking boot for. The next two to three weeks up.

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