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Polytechnic? And you report Clark of the Christian punk. All right. This is a politics live, and we are live. Glad to have you all here with us. We are here another week. But we do not have the slick one. Which means we're gonna have a lot more fun. No. We have a doctor in the house, quite literally a doctor. Well, specifically, a dentist. Yeah. I'm not a real doctor. Yeah. Pl say, you're not a real doctor. This is Dr Anthony semestral from striving for turn ity, and we're gonna have some fun talking to main topics tonight which pregnant get into some others. We're planning to talk about creation science, which happens to be his expertise. And the main thing he ends of speaking about for striving for Turney. But we're also gonna talk about something else, which is kind of his favourite love. I think would it be fair to say you have a love hate relationship with the new apostolic reformation. Yeah. The NRA and Catholics for whatever reason are just always on my radar. All right. Everyone around here is either one of them. So Mets is is trying to pack up his house for folks who have been following along with us. Matt is trying to pack up in. He's getting believe it's this week. The corporates come in the paint goes up, and he's trying to get everything out of the house to be able to do that. They're still trying to figure out how to get to move. They're trying to get for folks who have been following, you know, that his wife is basically not very mobile, and so they needed to get an RV to travel down to they have to get that first. They also have to kind of borrowing someone else's is what they're looking to do because they can't afford around one. But they're looking to do that. And they found out something interesting with their health insurance. They discovered that if they move right now, the health insurance that they've already paid the deductible in full starts all over and they get to pay the deductible all over again. Yet, they get really high deductible, and that's going to be hard. So they're trying to figure out win would be the right time to move. This move may get put off a little bit. We're they're trying to figure this out. So there is someone in the chat named Paul Mars, Paul. Make sure you go to and fro else go to apologetic live dot com. And there is a link to join us from there. There's a reason to ask him Paul to join us because we're gonna be talking about topic the new apostolic reformation or in a are for short, and he had some questions on that. And so we're gonna talk about that actually as kind of amazed Anthony that in the politics live Facebook group, I asked folks what it is. They they wanted to talk about tonight had some, you know, basically just trying to get some some topics and new episode reformation came in a lot of people want to talk about that. We did have one that. Maybe it's up your alley. You know, Steve Ludd with really wanted to talk about big foot and Neville him. And flying demon babies now, I guess that's based out of Genesis six with the whole thing of Neff Elim. So I guess maybe he wants you to answer. I from what I. What they're doing that show without Franken. I mean, that's Franks term. So well, the okay, the flying demon babies is Frank. That's that's all Frank Frank Melissa's who are speaking of. But I guess he dropped the picture in there. And I guess that had some video that he did call big foot and Neff Elim, total depravity, and covenant theology. So I guess those topics that came up on his radio show at one of the times. And I guess met was saying that maybe the Bigfoot or Netflix. I don't know. I century said that neither one of us are capable of answering anything about Bigfoot or flying demon babies because neither one of us believed that they exist. So let me start. I want to ask you some questions first about creation science, and then we'll move over into discussing Eeyore because that's going to be a longer top talk for the folks who are in the room. If you have questions just give give a shout on the side chat there to let me know that you have a question. So that we can add you in but anti real quick for folks. There's a big there's lots of debate on the issue of evolution the issue of creation science on. My rap report podcast your every once in a while. I try to go over different different issues of logic. I gave one recently called confirmation bias. You're familiar with that. I believe right. Okay. I gave the example of how it's used with Evelyn. Could you could you give explain walks plan confirmation by then I'll ask you to give how we see this workout when we talked to people about evolution confirmation. Bias is basically the idea when you only accept evidence or supporting arguments that support a conclusion that you hold to another words you hold to a conclusion. And if evidence comes in that supports that conclusion, you accept it. If it doesn't accept the conclusion you reject the evidence that's called confirmation bias, you have a bias toward something already confirm. Anthony, how do we see this play out when it comes to have Aleutian? Oh, easy. You talked to Neville Sionist, and they will say all science points to Evelyn. And and then they start rattling off certain things. So the reality is is that there's lots of good science out there, the ignore most of it. And if any science that we bring up says, wait a minute. This is where evolution has problems. Revolution can happen. That's what they reject. And then they go back to the us. Fallen other logical fallacies such as pointing to people like me, not being real doctors. And have no thorny to speak on a subject, the they will also point to the myriad of scientists. Would they would call the myriad scientists out there? Like, I admit do the majority of scientists by Tivoli Shen. Seemingly? So I will also say though, that there's many more scientists that that are secular. They are they hate God. But they still realize the big big problems with volition. And so it's interesting. What's actually out there is now a is not what's being taught in secular schools. That's racy this confirmation bias coming out. It's really with the science of what they reject. All right and do throughout the show is whenever we get anyone that gives a super chat by if you want to super chat on the bottom of your in the on YouTube. There's a little dollar sign click that and you can donate the money goes to carve dot org, and so Jason manning gave two dollars and said God bless so anyone that does that we give shout outs too. But sets you give a super chat and John isn't chatting away in their in their. He doesn't wanna come in here. John thinks wants to to his thing that he wanted to talk about. Was I gotta look it up. Now, something about being addicted. He wants he wants topic bible coveting a serious issue among striving for Turney leadership. Anthony, do you cut it other people's bibles? You know? I I saw that. And and I responded to John actually, I mean, I got I John I got this very nice goat's skin ESV. I'm not coveting years. John. It's kind of like if there's a piece of food on somebody's plate that you really want you lick it real quick. And then they won't eat it. You just do that to Andrews bible, and he'll give it to, you know, say I get another one right here that that someone bought for me, another goats. So I don't need your goat's skin. I don't need to read one John John John got a red goat's skin bible, and he I just like taking it from. But so real quick get back to creation science so with creation science. You like some bibles. I can pull out. It's so okay. The argument people will make is well there several argument. One people make the argument that anything that Chretien. Scientists do hasn't been done through pure review or double blind. Studies. Is that true? And how much does that actually matter? So here's another issue of confirmation bias. They will make the claim that we don't have peer reviewed science journals. And we say look at all these journals peer reviewed look at all these articles that are peer reviewed some of which appear viewed in secular journals, and they reject it. They won't read any of the journal so ICR at creation dot com. A I g they all put out journals. Good heavy research technical journals done with actual PHD scientists. And these things don't get looked at. So we have plenty of peer reviewed journals peer reviewed articles in those journals. They they just again, they reject everything. Systematically, if it doesn't if it doesn't fit with our world view, it's gone. They don't think about it. And that's sort of what Ben Stein was trying to get across in that movie. He did expelled, smells expose. Spelled. And what do they do with that? They're like, oh, well that is in serious. You know that? If it doesn't start with the conclusion they want. They just reject it and say, well, that's that doesn't count. So here's what's crazy, though there if you go into certain secular scientific journals, you can find you can find articles and in research, where they show we know people, you know, guys that do the research together speaking among themselves within the article talking about how they can't see how things like evolution works. There's plenty of there's plenty journal articles. They know that they're they're I don't even want. Call theory is not a theory, but their hypothesis is broken when they know that they don't have a mechanism in terms of the mutation issue. It's it's the one thing I explained the book, it's the one thing that when as you've heard me teach multiple times of thing about mutations is best the Lynch pin revolution. And they know they don't have it. Same thing goes for the big bang theory. It's the reason why people probably don't know this. But the reason why the Higgs bows on particle was. So so so important for them to find. A few years ago in why they had all kinds of excitement for what they thought was a Higgs boson particle is because in the big bang dilemma, it brings up something called horizon problem. So maybe I'll explain that here for a moment. I just heard this on Easter Sunday as I was witnessing to my father in law, and and brother-in-law. So Julia was gracious enough to walk away and take the rest of the family with her and it left me with with them for for several several hours. And. We had some interesting talk. So the brother-in-law who thought he's been really smart says, hey, have you ever looking at telescope before? I go, of course. Well, don't you think that we can see billions of light years away? And I said I'll we gotta break for this. Are we seeing? Well, we're we're saying it, but I didn't show him in. He wants to show here. What we'll put them on camera. He can show his. Now, he's not putting his Cameron.

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