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Was down i think because my aunt later was she went to university illinois for her ms debbie her masters in social work and she said it was a it was a technique that i don't remember the name of it but it was basically this therapist to had me a sign different voices like if there's if there is this feeling that you're having be that feeling and and you know it was like roleplaying the different sort of exactly like exactly like the the movie inside downside our you an actor in elementary met all highschool was in high school i was in high school but i but army art there was no it was the plays we did were really stupid john i was already i was in speech team share i had i had i i did plays my freshman sophomore i think my freshmen sophomore year and i don't remember exactly when it happened but they're really dumb too they were like from the 50s like there was a game there was a fall went no worse than that like like like scripts that dean martin and jerry lewis turned down and literally from the fifth days i was like we did one hour fall play was and i was in it i think it was the last one they did was called boys and goals together now now netherlands land romantic your and by what had happened was as i did to fall play and there was there was a a girl it was a year older than me who was funded funny and we goofed around and like 'cause it's and now knowing it it's like 'cause we were in fucking theater we were we were actors in theater and we were fucking around like the way like the fucking life blood yeah people that are actors and and and having fun and so i auditioned for the fall play my sophomore year and the guy that that was the director of when they signed roles i knew like i just knew like i didn't not to be a but like i was just better than if you just can tell and and i went in and he gave me a release small part and there was a part that was like it was actually probably like a racist caricature like some kind of accent like this i was able to do.

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