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So now we've got the basic logic, why bother to try to build a battleship when you can build something that kills a battleship or you can build something that teaches you how to kill a battleship and you can do it for a lot less money. This is why we get this is how we get information warfare. This is why hacking is so important stealing information from another country from another business. You know what forget about Uncle, Sam. Let's just say, go to Northrop Grumman figure out what they've got going on, right? And they're million ways to do it. I would say hacking that kind of tactic really is an underdog tactic because it requires it. There is someone that has something that is worth stealing, right? And I completely see that law. I understand. It's. God, I don't wanna get into too much, but the the psychology of a suicide bombing or a kamikaze right. When you get into that idea of, we do not have the technology to meet this group in in warfare, like you're saying battleships and build battleships, but we can do something that destroys a battleship. Right? Yeah, I see what you're saying. And that's essentially what this is. We cannot build this thing, but we can take the information and we can know what you're doing. And we can basically used some of the other guerrilla tactics and things because now we know what you're doing. Yeah, that's absolutely correct. And the US in particular is seen as very vulnerable to these sorts of hacking attempts because operational securities, such a tough thing for the world's largest military too. You know, it's. It's like, you could get ninety percent secure on something, but that other ten percent is devilishly difficult. And this is where we see the emergence of things that have been called off to buy various journalists pundits. I think I've ended it a few years back having called hacking armies state-sponsored. Well, kind of kind of a state-sponsored groups used to compromise the security, rival governments of tain intelligence, and in a lot of cases, target high value individuals such as officials in the military key industries or officials in political campaigns and so on. So for example, of that super producer, Casey peg room is a general, and he has some kind of his some kind of intimate knowledge of something. Then he would be he would be a target worth looking as an individual. Good news is most people are not most. Most people you just doesn't matter. The primary thing is where you work and what your position is there. And maybe maybe maybe if you're related to somebody really important. And the thing is most of these hacker armies operate in their home countries in a way that their sponsors, their patrons can claim plausible deniability if they're caught or suspected. So there was that Russian botnets army that influence western social media, but it got it. The story broke in the wake of the previous presidential election, but this button at army was active on things on a lot of things for much longer..

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