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Is what's fair is fair what's equal treatment what's level the playing field these are all the words that members by members friends from the other side said business as well as individuals if you're gonna come up with a not like this you want it to be fair and you've got to come up with a standard deduction so i oppose this amendment because this is a onesided amendment come up with a standard deduction it makes it fares fair equal is equal level the playing field business swells individuals and maybe somebody on their side will have to work with you on that gentleman yelled happy to work with you mr crowley democrat joe crowley from new york wcm washed missile democrat terry so from alabama making a chair on i like to attempt to answer the question that my colleague on that our colleague i sandy levin asked why is it that our colleagues on the other side will answer the question why are you willing to give middle class families take away their state and local tax deduction but not willing to do the same for businesses as i said in my opening statement this is about values what do you bound in sandy what they're saying is that they would gather value businesses over middle class and working families and that's unacceptable you know if you look at the fact that we are choosing winners and losers in this tax code and what we're basically saying sandy is that the winter should be the business and not individuals not the hardworking people that we represent in its unacceptable double you know i know that i represent one of these recipient state not a donor state the state of alabama received almost two dollars for every one dollar we get from the from the federal government but even my district which is a relatively point would benefit from not being doubling tacked on their state and local deductions in fact in my district twenty eight percent of the tax payers used the salt deduction and the average salt deduction is around six thousand three eight hundred.

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